Reduce the internet data package cost Dhraagu & Ooredoo Maldives

Reduce the internet data package cost Dhraagu & Ooredoo Maldives

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India and world's cheapest mobile internet plans.
363 MVR 547.5 GB, Validity 365 days.
85 MVR 126 GB, Validy 84 days.
32 MVR 42 GB, Validity 28 days.
74 MVR 105 GB Validity 70 days.
95 MVR 136 GB, Validity 91 days.
Increasing data package has increased validity.
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Reduce the cost of Internet data package

Personal story
I'm one of Maldivian citizen who have experience the expensive internet package provided by Dhiraagu and Ooredoo Maldives and other cheaper internet data in other foreign countries

I’ll be the voice of reason here and tell you as a Maldivian that knows what standard internet connection speed is and how horrendous it is here.

Maldivian ISPs are primarily Dhiraagu, Ooredoo formerly known as Wataniya and ROL.

I’ll just cut to the chase instead of dragging out my answer with pointless gimmicks and BS. Internet in Maldives is the most EXPENSIVE in perhaps the entire globe, per connection speed and value.

The basic connection most people would use is a Dhiraagu package that’s 5mbps, which by itself costs between $45–50 which has something called Fair Usage Allowance, which is basically a pretty BS term for, “This is the amount of Data you get to use this month before it reverts to a dial up speed connection, even though it’s the 21st Century and any half developed country no longer uses allowances anymore, and even if they do they meet today’s demands with exponentially higher allowances”

While this basic package costs nearly $50 per month it comes with roughly 100gb of data to use before your connection speed is slowed down to a point where you may as well just give up trying to use your internet until it refreshes the next month.

And higher speed packages come with higher allowances and exponentially higher cost.

Lets look at Seoul, South Korea as a reference for ISP comparisons in speed and value. We’ll also look at U.S.A., Russia and Japan, all using the same value.

Maldives: Standard connection speed most people use = 5Mbps valuing at $45–50 monthly, with 100gb limit then drops to 1mbps.
South Korea: Considering 1Gbps, $20 per month, infinite data usage.
USA: 100mbps at $50 per month with 1 Terabyte allowance, smaller packages clearly cost less.
Russia: 10–20mbps at $45–50 with 1 Terabyte allowance
Japan: 1Gbps at $45 no limit.

As you can see, Maldivian internet is by far not only the most expensive per Bits of speed but the lowest allowance as well.

In a modern world where internet is a basic necessity, and internet is constantly evolving - which in turn makes everything on the internet larger in size, Maldivian ISPs have shown no interest in trying to reach a global standard.

Consumers are also to blame, as Maldivians have always lacked in unity and never really stand up for themselves in terms of improving the over all living standards to a more global scale, self explanatory to why it’s still an underdeveloped country compared to the rest of the world and corporate-government corruption is the natural state of Maldives.

Maldivians are content as long as they are surviving and can self-indulge in hedonistic lifestyle.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!