Reduce crime on North Parade and make our road safer.

Reduce crime on North Parade and make our road safer.

9 September 2022
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North lincolnshire council/humberside police
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kerry Chambers

North Parade and Smithfield road has been subject to many unsafe road users and crime over the past years. The problem seems to be getting worse and is effecting the community and has recently effected my family. 

Our daughter and gradaughters were involved in a car accident on North Parade, our granddaughter took the impact just only a few weeks old. The driver of the other car was going far to fast up the road. Our baby grandaughter was in shock and left our daughter having anxiety and flash backs, being a new mum made this worse. Thankfully both grandaughters were not hurt. This could have been a totally different story,  other peoples children have also been hurt due to simular incidents resulting in hospital admissions. I am concerned one day someone is going to be permanently injured or even die due to what is happening. 

North Parade and Smithfield road have many residential housing with no drives and have cars parked both sides of the road. Both roads are straight roads there fore are a playground for fast cars. 

Young people and other drivers have been driving reclessly and speeding up and down the road, between the alley ways from Smithfield road and vise versa. Doing circular routes up the alley ways then joining the busier roads. Whether it be cars motorbikes or scooters.  

Crime has been happening in the back alley between Smithfiels road and North Parade. Young people tend to use the alley ways to start fires, deal drugs, bulgarys and also drive fast again on bikes, mitorbikes, scooters and cars. 

All our residents in the area would benefit from gated entry for private access to the backs of our properties and alleyways. This could be coded for entry. 

North Parade and Smithfield road would benefit from humps in the road to reduce speeding.

Also to reduce it being used as a thorough fare to access other areas and busier roads speeding are trying to escape crime. 

Other councils have initiated private gating reducing crime and recless,  speeding drivers, making the community safer and a happier place to live. 

If nothing is implemented we are all concerned the situation is going to be worse and many more will be hurt on our street or even lose lives. 

Please this is the time for help and somthing to be done to make the many residents here live a happier safer life within this area. 

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Signatures: 66Next Goal: 100
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