Cloth Nappy Rebate for Redlands City Council

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Redlands city district is sandwiched between Brisbane city and Logan city districts. Both Brisbane and Logan city councils offer Cloth Nappy Rebates to encourage their residents to choose to reuse and make the switch to reusable nappies.

Unfortunately, Redlands City does not currently offer or participate any rebate or incentives programs it’s residents.
As an eco warrior, a Redlands homeowner, a mum, a cloth nappy user, a maker and a local cloth nappy business, seeing some incentives or rebates added for our region would be a great edition to the environmental protection already in place within the district.

Just a single disposable nappy takes more than 500 YEARS to breakdown and knowing exactly where they are ending up, right next to residential housing and recreational fields in Birkdale is saddening.

Help me by signing this partition so that I can put it forward with the MPs and Redlands City council members for request of this to change!