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Reddit Inc.: Accept Dogecoin as a currency on Reddit

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Every great website needs a signature... with a website thriving off meme's and inside jokes; why not coin one of the biggest meme's of all time. I propose to have an official currency for Reddit. The currency can be used to buy Gold subscriptions for the website and merchandise from the store. 

The beauty of Dogecoin isn't it's economic value, but it's social value. Being able to give someone a digital coin for advice, a tutorial, or just an amazing comment is the beauty of Dogecoin.

The origins of Dogecoin stemmed from 4Chan and blew up on Reddit. The goal of Reddit accepting it is more than currency for material purchases, but as a currency to resemble the age of the internet.

Reddit is the breeding ground for what would be a grander plan in the Dogecoin going TO THE MOON! Eventually, we would want to see Dogecoin on Twitter for tipping and various other websites where opinions are worth as much as the dogecoin you receive.

Dogecoin is a crypto-currency like no other. This is a user friendly currency that creates friends and rewards friends.

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