Demand Transparency and Protection of Free Speech from Reddit

Demand Transparency and Protection of Free Speech from Reddit

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Although Reddit's stated purpose is to create a place where people can share content online, there has been excessive filtering and limiting done by Reddit moderators against certain views, groups, and subreddit communities. 

The moderators of Reddit have a long list of grievances against them by Redditors (Reddit users). 

  • They refused to be transparent in what gets banned and what gets not, and refused to give clear definitions for their policies. 
  • They refused to talk to Redditors about questions of policy. 
  • They have arbitrarily banned users for questioning policy or arguing against a moderator about a policy decision (such as banning of a user or a subreddit) .
  • They do not abide by their policies in the same way to all subreddits and situations, but cherry-pick which policies apply in what situation. 
  • They ban users and subreddits without any justification or reasoning given to the user, or prior warning. There is no system of communication or warning to help the user keep in line with policies. 
  • They have banned accounts that are not aligned with certain political or social views, and have violated people's rights to post online about their opinions and perspectives. 
  • They have ignored petitions, requests, and other messages that were publicly left for them to answer and help resolve. 
  • They have turned the moderator position into that of a modern tyrant, where all users are forced to abide by their arbitrary decisions, judgments, and whims if they desire to use Reddit. This is nothing more than an advanced version of power-play and cyber-bullying online from those with authority. 

To create an online community that is inclusive and welcoming, we demand that Reddit require transparency in all decisions regarding banning, suspension, and content removal, and open communication without repercussion (such as one's account being banned) between users and moderators.