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The online subreddit 'r/Braincels' is a highly misogynistic and hateful community with a sizable subscription count (almost 40,000 as of September 2018), similar to the subreddit r/incels (subscription count of 40,000 at its peak) which was banned on November 7, 2017. The aim of this petition is to gain the attention of the admins on Reddit and to subsequently get r/Braincels banned (or at the least quarantined and an urgent review of the handling/moderation techniques of these groups).

Incels (a portmanteau of "involuntary celibates") primary beliefs centre around:

  • a sense of entitlement to sex
  • misogyny
  • racism

Incels have been described as "part of the online male supremacist ecosystem" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. [1] The online activity of this subreddit is often criticised by the subreddit r/IncelTears.

While some of their advocates may state that they are a support group, they have not demonstrated any characteristics of one.[2] In fact, users have frequently openly encouraged suicide of its own members.,[3] 

Allowing these communities to perpetuate online only allows them to grow and runs the risk of young men becoming involved with a highly sexist ideology. Incels have advocated for rape of women and rape apology is not uncommon.

Women should not have to be subjected to the sexist rhetoric of this subculture, and it needs to be discouraged. I hope in starting this petition, it will encourage Reddit staff and its admins to have a faster and more effective approach for dealing with communities like r/Braincels, and constituent hate groups.

Please sign this petition to help make reddit a safer, and more equal website. Every signature counts. 

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