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Stop ANIMALS DYING, Redbridge council put speed humps to prevent hit and run over 30mph!

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Please help save many lives of innocent animals (cats,dogs,badgers, foxes) being knocked over by vehicles speeding over the 30mph speed limit on a side road where no traffic calming measures are in place by redbridge council. My story: We moved into the new development (27 built) houses on Roding Lane North IG8 8FG. We moved in with 9 rescue cats and within the first 2 months one of our cats were knocked down by a car on roding lane north in december 2015. The lady who stopped for help confirmed that the vehicle was speeding over the speed limit and did not even stop to help. Our cat underwent many surgeries to try and save her leg from being amputated. I had to quit my job in order to provide 24/7 care for 4 months while our much loved cat was in a strict cage rest suffering with pain everyday. The wait for each appointment to the vets was painfull for both the cat and left us living in fear that the bad news of amputation might happen if no recovery. Luckily our princess made it. Again in July 2015 our cat Polly went missing and no stone was left unturned in the hope for a sign leading to pollys dissapearance. Thanks to Animal Search UK for there help, we got x4 news that the cat was knocked down by a car on Roding Lane North. We were once again devastated and distraught. Our House which we bought after years of hard work and savings was now put on the market having lived in it for less that 1 year as the council refused to put in place traffic calming measures, declaring it was not priority need and no humans died only animals. Now October 2015 another phone call from The vets to notify us that another cat was knocked down by a car on RODING LANE NORTH. The vehicle that hit our cat did not stop, again driving over the speed limit and our cat died... Redbridge council was contacted in February 2015 explaining our concerns about speed on roding lane north as well as the amount of noise due to the high speeds. We was told that traffic speed surveys will be carried out. 1 month on we received an e-mail from redbridge council stating that there has been no personal injury accidents on the road and 85% of the vehicles travel at or below 34mph, so was awarded a medium priority rating so no traffic calming measures would take place. After asking to see the reports of the findings it had shown different percentages and 38952 cars had passed within the 7 days of the surveys being carried out and 9361+ of these vehicles were driving between 35mph-100mph! Over the stretch of 12 months many badgers and foxes we have seen on roding lane north have also being reported dead by us to the council with what we have managed to see.. There is many more we dont know about. Roding Lane north has speed humps along the road with the exclusion of no speed humps in place for approx 400m from our location as this area consisted of industial estates before the build of the new houses. Now having 27 new family homes the council needs to consider the safety of children also playing around the estate. Vehicles are taking advantage of no traffic measures being in place for approx 400m and speeding at least 50mph creating danger as well as noise in our homes. Please help by supporting the petition to stop innocent animals and potential humans dying by requesting for redbridge council to put traffic calming measures in place.

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