Stop the Tesco Toxic Towers in Goodmayes with hourly school NO2 pollution monitoring

Stop the Tesco Toxic Towers in Goodmayes with hourly school NO2 pollution monitoring

4 May 2020
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Started by andy walker

We the undersigned who live or work in Redbridge note the following breach of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) monitoring commitments by Redbridge Council for the Tesco Toxic Towers application in Goodmayes:

1) That a Redbridge Planning officer email of 17th February said “additional” NO2 monitoring around Chadwell Primary school was to be done  as preparation for the Goodmayes Tesco development of 1300 homes, which are mainly in high rise blocks per the extract below in italics.

Given that the modeled level of PM10 is significantly below the target limit value there is no need for additional monitoring to be undertaken prior to application determination. 
 This is not the case with Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions and we have asked for additional monitoring to be undertaken to determine the existing levels around the proposed development area which includes the area around Chadwell Primary school. END OF EXTRACT

2) Then the Redbridge Council position changes on 10th March to exclude Chadwell Primary & instead substitutes 3 closer schools and a nursery per the extract below in italics.

 "We did not require the developer to monitor for NO2 concentrations outside Chadwell Heath primary school as it is not in close enough proximity to the development area, however monitoring was undertaken around the following schools which are within 350 meters of the development site:

Barley Lane Primary School
Barely Lane Montessori Day Nursery
Goodmayes Primary School
Mayfield School  END OF EXTRACT

3) However, by 28th April the position of Redbridge Council changes again to say, contrary to their email of 10th March, that no NO2 monitoring had taken place, per the extract from Cllr Athwal's statement at Redbridge Council cabinet due to be uploaded on council website.

"The email of 10th of March 2020 to Mr Walker does highlight that monitoring will be undertaken at the four schools identified however based upon further analysis this was not considered ultimately necessary under the relevant regulations because the levels of no2 was so low Mr Walker it did not warrant any further investigation and certainly the air quality monitoring report extended to the boundary of the site and confirm the no2 levels across the site these are considered sufficient to indicate ambient air quality in the vicinity of the site which would also include the schools identified as generally within 350 m of the site offers officers will be writing to you Mr walker to clarify at the monitoring regime" END OF 28th April 2020 statement 

& Residents further note:

Government air quality index for N02 per the photo above with the UK government stating “Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, should reduce strenuous physical exertion...” as a precaution when NO2 levels go above level 7.

The most recent published 2019 Redbridge Council air quality reports shows the Chadwell Primary School permanent NO2 pollution monitor had readings of 62.9  μg/m3 for February 2018 and an 9 month average of 48.7 μg/m3. As these are monthly readings it is reasonable to assume rush hour readings will be even higher and reach the highest level 10 reading of  60 μg/m3 and above.

The Government DEFRA webiste lists level 10 health impacts as "Adults and children with lung problems, adults with heart problems, and older people, should avoid strenuous physical activity. People with asthma may find they need to use their reliever inhaler more often."

And asks Redbridge Council to:

1) Carry out the NO2 monitoring at the schools listed in the 10th March email above to include hourly averages to co-incide with the rush hour..

2) Also conduct N02 monitoring at Chadwell and Eastcourt schools.

3) That this school monitoring takes place when the coronavirus crisis is over so to provide accurate readings so delaying the planning hearing for the Tesco application until 2021 


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Signatures: 829Next Goal: 1,000
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