Don’t allow housing on King George Hospital Land: extend King George Hospital instead

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We the undersigned who either live or work in Redbridge note the following:

1 – The December 2010 Health for North East London decision making business case states at page 113: “The parts of the King George Hospital site and buildings that can be decommissioned cleared and sold.” when proposing to close King George A&E

2 – That as a reaction to the acute housing crisis Redbridge Council prepared plans to allow housing on the King George & Goodmayes Hospital Sites using the 2010 plan as a rationale for building on the King George Site

3 – Mike Gapes stated in Parliament on 10.7.17. “…that the population of the north-east London boroughs will increase by 18% over the next 15 years, equivalent to a new city. Normally that level of population increase would require a new hospital”

4 – In a Price Waterhouse Coopers report published November 2017 states. “A new clinical model of emergency care is developed across North East London” and casts doubt on the legality of the original decision to close King George A&E.

5 – At a Council Meeting of December 2017, Cllr Athwal rips up the plan to build on King George land and makes clear as a resident he was against the plan and would review the decision to allow building on King George Hospital land.

However, as Redbridge Council remains committed to allowing building on the King George Hospital site, we say no residential building to be built on this site, instead the Council change their position and campaign for the King George Hospital site to be extended as a world class standard of care for the residents of North East London.