Convince Redeye Records to fix their lift --access for disabled music lovers now!

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I would like to call on Red Eye Records in York Street, Sydney, to fix their disabled lift. As a wheelchair user and music lover, I have enjoyed going into the shop with my father several times and browsing your comprehensive music collection. Alas, due to the fact that the lift has been out of order for two years, this is not an option anymore. In this day and age, disabled access should not be an option for businesses. We are part of the community too, and there are thousands of businesses that are unable or unwilling to make their premises accessible to us. 

I cannot speak for all disabled people, but personally, this makes me feel like our needs and desires don't matter, because hey, everybody can walk, right? This is the message each business that doesn't at least try to make premises accessible sends, whether consciously or unconsciously: you just don't matter. Please make the right choice, and fix your lift. 

My boyfriend, my father and I were ready to buy some items from your shop, but due to your lack of accessibility, you just lost three customers. My friends weren't going to just leave me at the top of the stairs, and they aren't going to come back on their own even though they are lucky enough to be able to negotiate stairs.

I came with my father and partner last week to the store. I didn't witness the conversation that took place there, but my dad was told that the lift hadn't been working for two years, and when my father asked if it was a legal necessity to make stores accessible, the person at the counter replied "No." In fact, the lift had been out of order for so long, that one of the staff was unaware that you even had a lift!!

I know you don't own the building, but you and the owner can certainly get together and repair the lift. We are not asking you to spend loads of money on something you don't have. You are already halfway there with regards to accessibility. Be like Nike, and just do it! I would really appreciate it, and so would other disabled music lovers!

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