Voice for CUI Students' Rights

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Being a govt university the policies should be as per the rules of govt university: 

A Summary Of demands By the Students

1. Grading System as per HEC Rules.

2. Decrement in Fee Structure as per Govt. Universities.

3. Summer Semesters just like other universities such as UET, PU etc.

The grading system followed by the Comsats Institute of Information and Technology is causing much confusion and trouble for the students of this institute. The problem started in 2003 when the institute decided to have its own GPA system. Comsats follows a GPA system wherein a 2.0 GPA is equal to 60 percent. In the same year, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan announced a universal GPA system for Pakistani graduates, according to which a 2.5 GPA is equal to 60 percent or first division. Thus, a Comsats student who secures 65 percent will still be awarded a 2.3 GPA, which means he has a second division. For many government and private-sector jobs, the eligibility criteria is 2.5 GPA or 60 percent. Job recruiters ask for GPA score if the university from where a candidate graduates follows the GPA system otherwise they see the percentage or division. 
Now, a Comsats student who has more than 60 percent and less than 67 percent still falls under second division and cannot apply for many jobs, MS and PHD programmes which follow the rule of 2.5 GPA. The HEC used to give GPA equivalency but stopped it in 2009. But Now Since the University is Federally Chartered,The CUI administration should Consider the GPA system And revise it under HEC rules.

The Second Major Issue Faced by the student is The fee structure.Compare to other Government universities the per semester fee' in comsats University is High and there is increment every semester.Since The upgrade in university status from semi government to complete government university,It is totally unfair to raise the university fees instead of decreasing it.So We students Demand Decrease in fee structure As soon as possible.

In other universities there is a summer semester which Provide the platform for such students to improve their overall result.However In Comsats University There is No such platform to improve our Result without Studying an extra Semester.Hence We demand A summer semester In All of Comsats University Campuses.

We Hope That Honourable Rector CUI, Raheel Qamar would Bring these demands Into Consideration.