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Reconsider David Rountree as a client, a publishing company, speaker, or associate for all future events due to his actions of harassment and bullying tactics against fans, the public etc.

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David Rountree is a internet bully who harasses, stalks, lies, photo shops picture of his victims, shares their personal contact info, etc.  He claims to be a author of a few paranormal books of no real interest or value. This is an arrogant man who enjoys hurting others and will attack families including children.  He recently posted that he was placing a old indian curse on some people that would kill them and their families with in 4 generations.  This is a 60 yr old man with nothing better to do then to use the ALS organiation in a rant/challenage against a terminally ill man to fight 3 rounds in a ring with him and yet he states it is on behalf of ALS, who has stated they do NOT support this  man and his actions.  Put a stop to bullies like him and others he associates with  Brandy Eves who is old enough to be his grandaughter and drags her very young children in the middle of the night to paranormal investigations, Paula Vasquez who like to harass and bulky people but claims she is a victim instead, Rick Rowe (claims he was raped by a male yeti) and has started a website where he slanders, lies and harasses people who dont stand by his fantasy beliefs, and others in their group who enjoy abusing people.   Jesse Roth whohas confirm that she has severe mental health issues and rants about her boyfriend missing, harasses, stalks and is others puppet to do their dirty work.

With this being said we are standing up for all those they have bullied, victimized and stalked and stating enough is enough!  We are asking Mark Tetlow to walk away from this man who claims that his event booking agent is supporting him and assisting him with setting up this fight with a terminally ill man.  I spoke to David's event manager who says he does NOT support him, nor would he book an event like this and if he did it would be between 2 real atheletes not 2 people being vindictive and found David to be acting childish.  Now we ask that before this man ruins any other peson life or his managers or his business that people  need to walk aways from this damaged man.

We dont support Bullies, or stalkers and a man like David Rountree who uses for his own person gain and lies about  wonderful organiations like ALS who are there supporting those with this terminal illness. Shame on him!!! Lets send him this message that we do not except his behaviors.



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