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Reconsider the breed restriction in US military

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     There are men and women risking their lives for our country and they are not aloud to keep their beloved pets. Many of their pets were destroyed just because they are serving out country. The military breed restriction is unfair for all dog lovers and dogs alike.

     Service families are having to make tough decisions when relocating. This doesn't just include leaving their current life to go to another base to serve our country but it may possibly mean they need to find a new home for their beloved pets. This may be the case if they own a "pitbull", doberman, chow, akita, rottweiler, or a wolf hybrid. these dogs are deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous therefore they are all banned from the bases.

       The most restricted dogs are the "pitbulls." These dogs, the American pitbull terrior or the American stafford terrior, and mixes including either or strictly banned from all army bases, marine bases, and some airforce bases. This is because they are deemed dangerous. According to the ATTS (the American Temperment Test Society) 86.8 of  the american pitbull terriors who were tested had passing scores on their temperment tests. This is 4 points higher than the national average for all dog breeds, 82.8. Not too long ago the pitbull was considered the heart and spirit of the United States military for their bravery and loyality. Two qualities that are found in every great soldier. The most decorated military dog was a World War I fighter named Stubby. Stubby is believed to be a brindle pitbull. He is the only dog to be promated to sergeant in the military, the only dog to ever recieve rank. It is unknown how many lives little stubby saved and a tribute to his work there is a brick in the Walk of Honor at the United States World War I monument. "Sergeant Stubby hero dog of WWI a brave stray"

      The safety of our service men and women is a must. They deserve to be protected from all animals unsafe to live among them. This restriction is discrimation though. A good alternative would be to create a temperment test all dogs must pass in order to live within the bases. This will ensure everyone living within them are safe. The United States military please do not ban dogs ban all forms of discrimination.

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