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House Bill No. 4574 has recently been re-introduced to the Michigan Senate and we need your signature on this petition!

What is House Bill No. 4574?

This proposed Bill was introduced to amend the current laws about Cosmetologists vs. being a Makeup Artist. House Bill No. 4574 proposes why it is important to separate both fields. As many of you know, you do not need a license to be a Makeup Artist in Michigan. This Bill would open more doors for Makeup Artists to reach their full potential. It will recognize makeup artistry as a legal TRADE and give you the opportunity to become CERTIFIED through the state of Michigan! It will also give you the opportunity to receive FINANCIAL AID through the state of Michigan to pay for your schooling!

For many of you that have been on our prospect student list for several years, this will finally give you the support to start pursuing your DREAMS!

This new Proposed Bill Supports Makeup Artists as Independent Professionals and does not tie them in with Cosmetologists and Estheticians.

How can you help?

Students and Fellow Makeup Artists can help by Writing, Calling OR E-mailing to the following State Rep. Hugh Crawford. He is in charge of this proposed Bill change. You are encouraged to explain why this bill would personally benefit YOU as a makeup artist, someone who loves makeup, or anyone that is in the hair/skin/movie/photography or beauty industry at all.

In addition, we encourage you to read a full version of this Bill by visiting the link below.

We Appreciate your support!

887 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909

(517) 373-0827


If you have any further questions about this matter please do not hesitate to contact us at (248) 477-5548. Thank you for your support on this urgent and important matter!

Sincerely -

Lisa Glickoff

Astute Artistry
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Letter to
Michigan House of Representatives Hugh Crawford (R)
Senator Patrick Colbeck
Michigan House of Representatives - District 23 Patrick Somerville (R)
There have been some questions raised about Bill #4574 that I have proposed and I would like to respond and answer these questions once and for all so that anyone that hasn’t made a decision on this can make an informed decision. There have been people who have publicly stated they are against it, which is their right, but maybe they didn’t have all the facts which may have forced them to jump to conclusions. Here are the answers to the questions in the petition against proposed bill #4574.

So here are the facts:

1. As far as a production, film, broadcast, fashion photography background, I do possess those skills. I have worked on every major news set in Michigan and beyond. I have done approximately 2 dozen films in Michigan and beyond. I have 22 years in fashion and photography as well as the stated Cosmetic Retail, Esthetician, and Special Event makeup.

2. No existing makeup artist is forced to get a certificate in Michigan with this Bill. It is entirely up to them whether they want to get further education with any trade school that opens after this Bill is passed. As far as the “grandfathering in” clause, Astute Artistry has no control over that. Once the Bill is passed, anyone can propose a “sub bill” to that Bill to have a “grandfather” clause added to that Bill. Michigan would decide your qualifications to “test in”. Astute Artistry understands that there are extremely talented makeup artists in Michigan, whether they are self taught or were trained in an establishment, that are fully qualified in their field, we would never want you to feel as if your skills are not recognized.

3. Once this Bill is passed, anyone who wants to open a trade school in Makeup can, if they meet the requirements. It is approximately $5,000-$10,000 to apply to become a trade school in Michigan. Each potential school must have licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists as instructors. You must provide the state with a detailed curriculum including courses, sanitation and all procedures of the school must be regulated by the State of Michigan. All teachers and staff, as well as anyone involved in the trade school must be approved by the State of Michigan per their guidelines.

4. As far as an Apprenticeship program, again like the “grandfather clause” it must be addressed after the initial Bill is passed. Anyone has the power to propose an Apprenticeship program. Astute Artistry will never discredit that hands on learning is one of the best ways to learn an artistic skill, therefore apprenticeships are always welcomed in makeup artistry. We would never want to do away with these types of programs.

5. Anyone who feels that they are properly qualified can apply to become a trade school as long as they follow the guidelines given by the state. Whatever workshops are out there can still be taken by any makeup artist interested. Nothing has changed with that. There are many talented artists in Michigan that have a lot of knowledge to give, these types of programs help our Michigan artists grow their craft.

6. Cosmetologists and Esthetician programs will not be affected by this Bill. Those establishments still offer exactly what they’re doing. All this Bill allows is for someone who does not want to go Cosmetology or Esthetician School to have an alternate option to become a makeup artist. It legally recognizes them in Michigan. It is still their choice. No one is forced to choose any of these avenues. You can still freelance as a makeup artist, just as you are.

7. Anyone can look at Astute Artistry’s website and see that classes are $3,200-$5,200. The $25,000 class is for a year of education. It covers every aspect of artistry that Astute teaches. Everyone must also look up trade school laws and guidelines. Anyone that thinks that any trade school in existence (whether is be technical, design, etc) is “banking”, you are misinformed. To become a trade school and maintain as a trade school, you incur heavy monthly fees per the state to operate as a trade school. You are also heavily regulated by the state as to how you run and operate your business.

The purpose of this Bill is to allow current makeup artists working in Michigan the option to become certified and recognized in the state of Michigan. It was also proposed so that makeup artists did not have the grey area of what they are legally allowed to do or not do without a cosmetology or esthetician license. It is also to allow future artists not to be forced to learn skin, hair or nail care in Cosmetology or Esthetic programs. It gives them the option to learn their passion of makeup as a separate trade.

**To all of you that have already formed your opinion, you are entitled to it. For all of you that have not formed your opinion, you now have the true, actual information to make your own educated decision. To all of you that have any further questions, comments, or concerns you are welcomed to contact Astute Artistry at any time.

**Many people agree that our craft should be recognized by the state of Michigan, we are true artists and deserve to be our own entity. We are unique in our craft and should be treated as such. Michigan needs to recognize that we have a special skill set and that we can not be grouped as an “extra” in Cosmetology and Esthetic schools. I truly hope that this has clarified any questions people may have had.

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