Reclassify Rag Lane Yarcombe as a Public Bridle Way

Reclassify Rag Lane Yarcombe as a Public Bridle Way

1 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nick Randle

To resolve all historic and current problems relating to Rag Lane it is proposed.

Either that-

a)     The part of the lane from Four Elms to the ford is redesignated as a public bridle way, with specific exemptions for farm vehicles needing access to field entrances. The historic part of Stockland Lane that retains the name of Rag Lane be redesignated as Stockland Lane.

Or that

b)     Upper Rag Lane is designated as a public bridle way. Lower Rag Lane to the ford remains as a category 11 highway for agricultural vehicles with access from Stockland Lane. The historic part of Stockland Lane that retains the name of Rag Lane be redesignated as Stockland Lane.

  •   Rag Lane is an ancient byway in the Parish of Yarcombe and Marsh. It runs parallel to the A30 from a point on the A30 outside the houses at Four Elms to a point where it meets Stockland Road at a ford in Corrie Brook. 
  •  It was a dirt track until 1991 when it was surface dressed using money from the education budget to provide a route for school children to walk to meet the school bus.
  •  It is narrow at the top and on occasions when four wheeled vehicles have attempted to use the lane it has sometimes resulted in damage to the vehicles, or damage to the banks where vehicles have driven up them to make passage. At the very top vehicles have only really been able to enter and leave the lane by putting wheels on private property.
  •  It is signed as unsuitable for motor vehicles.
  • In recent years it has been used by walkers, riders, cyclists and for driving cattle including the use of quad bikes.
  •  There are 3 field entrances in the lower lane accessible to farm vehicles.
  •  Local residents estimate that a dozen or more pedestrian, horse riding, cycling or cattle herding journeys are made each day on Rag Lane while not more than one or two vehicles per month have in recent years attempted to pass up the entire length of it. 

The lane is an essential safe route for pedestrians but serves no purpose as a highway as the A30 runs alongside it. There are a number of safety risks particularly where vehicles try to use the lane when other users are in it.

Residents who use the lane have requested that it be redesignated as a bridle way to ensure that it remains a safe route and to lessen the damage caused by and to vehicles driving on the lane edges.

However  Yarcombe and Marsh  Parish Council insists that it should be regarded as a vehicular highway and have taken action to enforce this.

In reaching their decision they have not so far discussed it in public nor consulted with residents concerned,  neither  do they appear to have considered the historic issues or the the part Rag Lane Plays in the parish infrastructure in the 21st century.

This petition will demonstrate the strength of community feeling about the lane  so that Yarcombe Parish Council and Devon County Council  will be made  aware of its importance as a secure walking, cycling and riding route and will take long overdue action to re-classify the lane accordingly.







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Signatures: 24Next Goal: 25
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  • Yarcombe Parish CouncilParish Clerk - Proper Officer of The Council
  • Devon County HighwaysEast Area Traffic Officer