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Reclaiming our economic right- Sau Mein Pachees Haq Hamara!

In the current union budget 2012-13, a shortfall of Rs. Cr. 27526.78 to SCP and Rs. Cr. 11008.90 to TSP in violation of the Special Component Plan (SCP) andTribal Sub Plan (TSP) guidelines has been noticed. Even in the amounts thathave been allocated, there is a ‘notional’ allocation (other than intended) ofRs. 6,229.96 cr. in SCP and Rs. 2267.05 cr. in TSP. Thus total denial for SCPRs. Cr. 33,756.74 and Rs. Cr. 13,275.95 for TSP for 2012-13.

SC/ST Budget Adhikar Andolan, a coalition of several organizations across the country, committed to the realization of the rightful claims of SCP and TSP initiated a mass campaign Sau Mein Pachees Haq Hamara , to protest this denial and diversion of funds, on the 24th  of April 2012, staging a Dharna (sit-in) at Jantar Mantar. There were parallel protests in 6other states and will culminate into a huge mass mobilization on May 9, 2012, with a protest march “Chalo Parliament”(Let us march forward together in protest  to the Parliament).

Instead of using these planned funds of SCP and TSP for designing schemes exclusively for the direct benefit of Dalits and Adivasis, the money is diverted to notional schemes (other than intended), like building public infrastructure, tax concessions to corporations, construction of jails and so on. One classic example being the illegal diversion of Rs. Cr. 678 of SCP to building of stadia and other infrastructure for the commonwealth games! Thus, the need is to STOP the misuse of fund belonging to Dalits and Adivasis exclusively for their development and welfare.


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