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Stop Killing Innocent babies and Pregnant Women

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In Korea, since 1990s, many families have used humidifiers at home and office, especially during dry winter seasons. Since 1994, the first humidifier disinfectant was marketed to humidifier users to be added into the water tank. A survey in 2011 indicated that more than 8 million out of 50 million Koreans have used around 200,000 different humidifier disinfectant products.

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Since early 2000s, clusters of rare acute interstitial pneumonitis of children were noticed every spring. The prognosis was quite poor and many of them died. In 2011 April, 7 pregnant women were hospitalized for acute severe respiratory disease of similar nature, and half of them died. The Korean Center for Disease Control (CDC) in its investigation has found the humidifier disinfectant as being responsible for the acute severe lung disease of the victims. Since the start of the investigation, hundreds of cases of similar disease have been reported from all over the country to environmental civic organizations as well as Korean CDC. An Investigation committee was formed by Korean government which assessed 530 cases including 140 deaths. Shockingly nearly half of the victims are infants and pregnant women and almost 40% of them are family members.

In the results released in November 2011, the Korean Government recalled 6 humidifier disinfectant products from the market nationwide. The Government further recommended not using a dozen of other similar products and asked for voluntary recall. 

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Exposure investigation found that 12 different humidifier disinfectants had been marketed and many victims had used more than 2 products. Medical investigation found that about 40% of the victims are ‘definite’ or ‘probable’ in terms of the possibilities of terminal bronchiolo-alveolar damages. 177 victims out of 221 cases (80% cases) of the ‘definite’ or ‘probable’ categories had used OXY SSACK SSACK humidifier disinfectant. 92 victims in ‘definite’ and ‘probable’ categories have already died, and out of them, 71 had used OXY SSACK SSACK brand.

In Korea, Reckitt Benckiser has been producing OXY SSACK SSACK since 2002 with market share of more than 80% among humidifier disinfectant brands. Your company is a well-known multinational company selling dozens of cleaning materials, hygiene related products for household in around 200 countries.

It has been 3 years and 8 months since this unbelievable tOXYc chemical disaster was unveiled. But still you are denying your responsibility.

We Demand that Reckitt Benckiser Group plc should

1. Immediately withdraw all products using harmful chemicals worldwide

2. Acknowledge the irreparable harm it has caused by selling dangerous products

3. Give compensation to all the victims of the disaster who use Reckitt Benckiser’s product.

4. Ensure that all the safety tests including inhalation test of the products sold worldwide are conducted and released publicly

5. Hold camps to find out veiled victims.

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