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Recall Sheriff Lee Baca Now!

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Sheriff Lee Baca has got to go!

Let's look at his list of “accomplishments” while in office:

Evan Tutt, while handcuffed, was repeatedly “kicked, and hit, with flashlights, and whatever deputies” could find by Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies!
(Source:,0,4021055.story )

Mitrice Richardson, a young woman, was brought to the Lost Hills Sheriff's station at 7:40pm for “defrauding an innkeeper,” an non jailable offense. She was released, never to be heard from again. A year later, her body was found not too far from the sheriff's station. She was found mummified with her clothes strewn all over the area, suggesting rape! Heavily edited surveillance tape from the Los Angeles Sheriff's station at Lost Hills shows her leaving through the side door where the cop cars are with a deputy in tow.
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The Los Angeles Sheriff's station has come under fire repeatedly for forming a culture that encourages gangs and gang like violence amongst deputies, just like street gangs! Gangs such as the 3000 boys, Grim Reapers, the Vikings – a white supremacist gang formed by LA sheriff's deputies based in Lynwood – and the Regulators have a culture which encourages deputies to shoot at and commit violence against inmates and regular civilians, just like street gangs, and even attacks against other deputies. In one instance, the Jump Out Boys, a gang formed by the sheriff's Gang Enforcement Team whose job was to fight street gangs and stop gang violence, reward deputies who are involved in shootings of even unarmed civilians ( Source: ).

There has even been reports of violence against deputies by other deputies, such as a huge christmas brawl that broke out in a Montebello, CA, banquet hall where 7 deputies from the 3000 floor who formed the 3000 boys ganged up on two other deputies who were not involved in any of the LA sheriff gangs and attacked them for “moving inmates too slow” on their floor. Interestingly enough, the two deputies who were attacked did not go to the sheriff's department to have the incident resolved, instead they went straight to the Montebello police department to report the incident. None of the deputies who attacked the other two deputies were prosecuted or face charges.
( Sources: ).

The violence in the sheriff's department by deputy gang members is so bad that they have been known to force and extort other non gang member deputies to provide funds without their consent under threats of violence to gang member deputies who have fallen on hard times.
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They have also been known to use force on mentally ill prisoners, in which in one case a deputy who resigned after only a few weeks on the job because he was forced by his supervisor to beat up nearly to death a mentally ill inmate or face consequences himself.
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I myself have been roughed up, brutalized, sexually assaulted, mistreated and falsely imprisoned by Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies for recording them.
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Sheriff's deputies routinely rape sex workers and demand that female inmates or even visitors to male inmates “show their breasts” or endure other sexual atrocities, including this incident:
“Jacqueline Medina alleges that a mother brought her daughter into the station asking to file a report because she believed her daughter had been raped before she was dropped off at home by two deputies. The lawsuit alleges Medina's superior did not allow her to take a report about the deputies' actions, and punished her by keeping her in a room for four hours...”
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Another one concerns a deputy, Gabriel Gonzalez, who had been following women for years, raping them. And, despite numerous complaints about him, nothing was done until he amassed more victims. (Read about it here: )

The sheriff's routinely terrorize the neighborhoods they are supposed to protect, as you can read in this account by an elderly, 84 year old woman who complains of cops constantly breaking into her home and harassing her family at all hours during the day and night without a search warrant or probable cause.
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With these terrible atrocities under his belt and many, many more other untold atrocities, Lee Baca is not fit to be in office. His mismanagement only endangers the lives of L.A.'s citizens, including those who are law abiding. Thus, I am asking for the citizens of L.A. To unite in recalling Sheriff Lee Baca out of office, for good.

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