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Since taking the helm of the Frederick County (MD) Board of County Commissioners, Blaine, along with his cohorts Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, have shamefully sought to hand over our beautiful county to interests, attorneys and lobbyists who have only one thing in mind - and that's how much money they can put in theirs and their friends' pockets. It first started with their maniacal withdrawal of the Head Start program, then to the push to undermind the Comprehensive Plan which provided a balanced approach to managing growth in the county, then to the dismantlement of the public's protection of our schools from unmanaged housing development and sprawl, and now onward to the destruction of our county government that have served residents so well.

But wait! Even with this debacle, as residents of Frederick County, we have NO recourse - there are NO provisions for our ability to seek and organize a recall of Blaine - and he knows it! Blaine is quick to state that he is working from a mandate, which is "cover" for he will do what ever he wants to do, and destroy what ever he wants to destroy, until his term ends in 2014. But with approx. 235,000 county residents, and only 43,000 of those voting for Blaine, there's 192,000 people who DIDN'T vote for him - hardly a mandate!

So, let's send Blaine and his buddies a message - if we had the ability to recall you, WE WOULD! We have no confidence in you, we know who you actually serve, and we will not go along with your efforts to sell Frederick County off to the highest bidder.

Letter to
Blaine Young
Enough is enough!

Since taking office, Blaine Young has done nothing but work to repay the people who put him in to office.

He and his cohorts, Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, have become a three-man wrecking team - destroying the public's protections for our schools, our environment and our county government - all in the name of a so-called public mandate that doesn't exist. Rather, the mandate comes from those parties who put Blaine and his buddies in to office.

Unfortunately, as residents of Frederick County, we have NO ultimate recourse and NO ability to recall Blaine. This is the ultimate travesty. But this shouldn't stop us from registering our disapproval of his efforts and actions, and our total lack of confidence in his ability to lead this county.

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