Hold Austin Zoo Accountable

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Austin Zoo, a rescue facility open to the public that has such a huge heart, with incredible potential, succumbs to constant chaos and malevolence because of its inability to address safety concerns for animals, the public and its staff, and furthermore because of its questionable leadership and a Board of Directors that chooses to ignore the team of hands-on people requesting their help.

We ask you to read this story put together by Elizabeth Findell, reach out to us, ask for the truth (not when our managers are body-guarding us) and help us make a change to hold the Board of Directors and the Executive Director of Austin Zoo accountable with proper checks and balances. At minimum, we ask you to sign this petition to support our request for the Zoo to make changes: 

  1. Change the Austin Zoo bylaws to explicitly prohibit any person from simultaneously serving on the Board of Directors while holding any position on staff (paid or unpaid) and require a written notice to all staff should this bylaw ever be edited in the future;
  2. Implement and share with all Austin Zoo staff a written euthanasia policy to be reviewed and accepted by both veterinarians and 75% of the animal care department;
  3. Add a bylaw that prohibits immediate family or household of current staff members to serve on the Board of Directors;
  4. Swiftly elect 7 new Board members that have served on other non-profit Boards (which are not selected by current Directors); and
  5. Create an independent committee out of the 7 newly selected Board Members to investigate the conflicts of interest at Austin Zoo. 

We believe, with your help to bring into fruition the above requests, Austin Zoo can fulfill its potential to be the most magical and inspiring rescue zoo it claims to be. Under more knowledgeable and transparent leadership, Austin Zoo can truly embody its mission to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education. Please help us accomplish that by creating an independent Board of Directors.

**This is not the first time this situation has come up at Austin Zoo. In fact, Patti Clark took over as Acting Director after she helped to lead the Board of Directors in removing the prior Executive Director and Board President for the same conflict of interest situation. This was never meant to be a long term solution.

We fully understand that Patti Clark does not take a salary, but that should play no part in this decision. This fight has not been taken lightly by any of us. All of the staff that have chosen to seek the public's help are risking their current jobs and their careers in the zoological industry by seeking your help. Some have already been terminated. We chose this route because we sincerely believe Austin Zoo can do better and be better - for our animals and our community.

If further information is requested from the public, we will schedule a public meeting at a future date and time.