Rebuild of Jannatul Baqee

Rebuild of Jannatul Baqee

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6 मई 2022
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Saudi Arab Government (Govt of Saudi Arabia) और 1 अन
हस्ताक्षर: 2,581अगला लक्ष्य: 5,000
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यह पेटीशन क्यों मायने रखती है

द्वारा शुरू किया गया Ali Abbas naqvi

In 1925, Shrine Of Bibi Fatima Zahra S.a. demolished by Saudi Arab Wahabi Government

We all are protesting against the Saudi Government for rebuild the Jannatul Baqee 

She(Janabe Fatima Zahra S.a) is the Daughter of Prophet Mohammed Swa and the wife of Hazrat Ali A.s. who is the 1st Imam of Shia And known by 4th Khalifa of Sunni Muslim and mother of Imam Hasan A s. & Imam Hussain a.s.

If you are going to ajmer, nizamuddin, etc where you can see the beautiful Shrine of Sahaba's Grave 

But why muslim not be raise a voice against the Saudi government 


So please come and start signature campaign 

We will going to UN inshallah


Signature Campaign Innaugration Video :-



अभी समर्थन करें
हस्ताक्षर: 2,581अगला लक्ष्य: 5,000
अभी समर्थन करें

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