Rebrand Chinatown Market: Chinatown Is Not For Sale

Rebrand Chinatown Market: Chinatown Is Not For Sale

March 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Julian Han Bush

The Company
CHINATOWN MARKET, commonly shortened to CHINATOWN, is a white-owned clothing brand created in 2017, that was first based on “bootleg merchandise” (the reason for the name Chinatown Market), but now focuses on licensed collaborations and CHINATOWN apparel. They are sold at Urban Outfitters, Foot Locker, and many other retailers around the world. 

The Problem
The concept of Chinatown is not for sale, especially not by a white person who only uses the word Chinatown as a synonym for bootleg. It is an act of cultural theft for a white person to profit off of people like Lebron James, Alicia Keys, and many others wearing CHINATOWN clothing. This is a company that was silent on #stopasianhate until three days after the Atlanta mass shooting, when Pres. Biden had already ordered that flags around the country be lowered to half staff. Does this sound like a company that is in touch with the needs of the Asian American community? Does Chinatown mean bootleg to you?

The Context
Chinatowns around the world are the heart of Asian communities, and were for a long time the only safe place for Asians when they were immigrants unwanted by society. Our elders struggled for generations in the face of adversity to pave the way for a place that people like myself can call home. Gentrification, COVID shutdowns, and most recently an unprecedented increase in Anti-Asian violence and hate crimes have pushed already vulnerable Chinatowns and other Asian American communities to the brink of economic and social collapse.

In the middle of all of this, a white-owned streetwear brand thinks it's acceptable to monetize the identity that these immigrants paved for themselves. Why should a white person of privilege with no ties to the community be allowed to steal that identity from immigrants just to perpetuate the stereotype that Chinatown means bootleg?

Could you imagine a white-owned HARLEM, BOYLE HEIGHTS, or COMPTON brand not only existing for this long, but being actively promoted by POC celebrities and national retailers like Urban Outfitters and Footlocker?

It is time to put a stop to this.



This petition made change with 3,359 supporters!

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