Release the Flashtool for Realme devices

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We require a flashtool for Realme devices. A company cannot launch their devices in countries where the users have no access to a service center or any way to get support.

I personally have been constantly spamming Realmes Twitter accounts regarding the release of a flashtool, and previously, to release the sources and confirm a few essential things to their consumers.

Most of Realmes customer base has one huge problem with their support, namely that it is essentially non existent. A bot replies to every Tweet saying "please contact in DMs we have replied to you over there" while no replies have been sent. A user (Me) can spam them for 5 months, every single day without getting a single reply, neither on Twitter nor on their service mails. 

The community forum is a blasphemous joke where clueless 'moderators' steal user articles and put down anyone reporting bugs. I'm part of a community of Realme X2 users, 1600 strong on telegram. 

On 30th or March, Francis Wang, a senior spokesperson for Realme tweeted in reply to a user helping another with some problem saying

"Once we release the Q based flashtool, fingerprint sensor won't be impacted. "

On May 23rd we've been told that no flashtool will be provided by the official realmeindia handle on Twitter

In fact we've been promised the flashtool since December of 2019.

Many of our users reside in countries with no access to service centers or any resemblance of support, we weren't provided developer devices like your competitors do, we got the bootloader unlock tool 4 months after the release of the device and broken sources. Yet they tout themselves as being developer friendly.

A company cannot rely on hype and new users only. Providing after sales support is a necessary facet of a device purchase and in this instance we have been severely compromised of our ability to feel any freedom with regards to this device. 

We, as a community, along with all the other groups and channels for Realme devices, FORMALLY demand a flashtool and a better channel of communication between the company and user representatives.