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Petitioning Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mackie and 2 others


Tell Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mackie, to drop all felonious charges against Darius Sanderford.  Darius Sanderford, 17, Pioneer High School Junior, along with two other African-American boys, are being charged with felonies for the Huron vs Pioneer football Brawl. The brawl consisted of at least 60 participating players of all ethnic backgrounds. However, not one player of non African-American descent has been suspended, expelled and/or criminally charged with felonies. Their coaches were the initiators of this brawl. None of whom have been found criminally responsible. One was fired (Coach Vince Wortmann, African-American), one has retired (Coach Paul Test) and the other (Coach Corry Gildersleeve) whom incited the riotous brawl, is still employed (Test/Gildersleeve, non African-American). These players were defending themselves in a hail of chaos. It appears as if prosecuting attorney Brian Mackie and whomever else, is sacrificing these African-American boys lives to cover up gross misconduct and negligence committed by the coaches, athletic directors, school administrators and the Ann Arbor Police department. These are good boys who deserve a honest chance at becoming good men.

Sign the petition then contact Bob Mackie (, your congressman (, your pastor, the news, NAACP (, NAN (Rev Al Sharpton,, ask questions and spread the word. Just do something. It takes a village to SAVE a child. TOGETHER WE MUST STOP THIS MODERN DAY LYNCHING!!!


--This petition is not authorized by the Sanderford family. This petition was started  by a concerned citizen over the injustice being committed in this situation.  As a concerned citizen I took it upon myself to answer the question "what can I do?".

Letter to
Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mackie
NAACP - Detroit Branch
NAN Detroit Branch President Oliver Wilson
Drop all charges against Darius Sanderford. The charges are excessive, unfair and unjust.

First, there is something inherently unethical that the only individuals adults or minors, to suffer notable consequences from this incident are exclusively African-American.

Secondly, how is it logical for a minor to be punished more severely than adults who are paid to guide and mentor their actions? Especially concerning this case in which the entire incident erupted from those paid adults.

This incident was not and has not been thoroughly investigated to the point where felonies are being thrown at students and not adults. It is obvious that this young man and the other two are are being persecuted by a system that has neglected their safety, best interests and basic human rights. Where is the justice in that?

As a representative of the people, I ask once again as one of the people that the courts drop all charges against Darius Sanderford.