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IMM Update - Vol. 14, No. 1 -- 39 new articles

Art Changes / Rural America / Education Rights / In Defense of Affirmative Action / Global Eyes / Photo of the Week / Autonomy: Chiapas - California / Human & Civil Rights / Email, Opinions & Discussion / Healthcare

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Here are the new articles (listed by magazine section):

1. Education Rights

    The Change We Need
    Future of Education Policy in the Obama Administration
    by Pedro Noguera
    New York, New York

    Getting Ready for the New Majority:
    How Schools Can Respond to Immigration and Demographic Change
    by Pedro Noguera
    New York, New York

    "Me in the Making: One Man’s Journey to Becoming a School Superintendent"
    A Review
    by Fadhilika Atiba-Weza
    Troy, New York


2. In Defense of Affirmative Action

    How Colleges and Universities Can Promote K-12 Diversity
    Response to: A Modest Proposal by J. Chambers, J. C. Boger and W. Tobin
    by Pedro Noguera
    New York, New York


3. Art Changes / From Where I Stand

    praise the lowly ones
    Alice Lovelace
    Atlanta, Georgia


4. Autonomy: Chiapas - California

    The Militarization of Politics
    by Luis Hernández Navarro
    Mexico City, Mexico

    La militarización de la política
    por Luis Hernández Navarro
    Ciudad de México, México

    The Zapatista Horizon
    by Luis Hernández Navarro
    Mexico City, Mexico

    El horizonte zapatista
    por Luis Hernández Navarro
    Ciudad de México, Mexico

    Chicano Artists and Zapatistas Walk Together Asking, Listening, Learning:
    Part 2: Findings -- Centrifugal Motivation
    The Role of Transnational Informal Learning Networks In the Creation of A Better World
    by Roberto Gonzaléz Flores
    Los Angeles, California


5. Rural America

    New Report Exposes Subsidies to Factory Farms
    Family Farm Groups Demand Reform Of Environmental Quality Incentives Program
    by Tim Gibbons
    Columbia, Missouri

    Health Care Costs Take a Toll on Missouri’s Farms and Ranches
    MRCC Releases New Report, “Healthcare in the Heartland”
    by Tim Gibbons
    Columbia, Missouri

    CAFOs vs Rural Communities
    by John Ikerd
    Columbia, Missouri


6. Global Eyes

    The Soils of War:
    The real agenda behind agricultural reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq
    by GRAIN
    Barcelona, Spain

    Seized: The 2008 Landgrab for Food and Financial Security
    by GRAIN
    Barcelona, Spain

    Interview with Diogenes Lucio of FENOCIN
    The National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous, and Black Organizations
    Agroecology and the Andean Cosmovision
    Quito, Ecuador

    Entrevista de Diógenes Lucio de FENOCIN
    Confederación Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas, Indígenas y Negras
    La agroecología y la cosmovisión andina
    Quito, Ecuador

    Food Sovereignty:
    A Glimpse of the Peasant and Small Farmer Association Movement in Mozambique
    by Nic Paget-Clarke
    In Niassa and Maputo Provinces, Mozambique

    Interview with Diamantino Nhampossa
    of the União Nacional de Camponeses / National Peasants' Union
    Organizing Food Sovereignty in Mozambique
    Matola, Mozambique

    Interview with Julio dos Santos Pessego
    of UNAC and UCASN
    An Understanding of Associations
    Lichinga, Niassa, Mozambique

    Interview with Henry Saragih
    General Coordinator of La Via Campesina and Chairman of the Indonesian Peasant Union
    Not Wait for the Changing of Our Society Through the Government
    Matola, Mozambique

    The Global Food Crisis and the Right to Food
    Via Campesina Statement at the UN General Assembly
    Henry Saragih
    New York, New York

    Interview with Yoon, Geum-Soon
    of the Korean Women Peasants Association
    Women’s Rights Are A Precondition to Food Sovereignty
    Matola, Mozambique

    Interview with Kalissa Regier
    of the National Farmers Union, Canada
    Control Over the Farm
    Matola, Mozambique

    Interview with Cosma Bulu of Tanzania’s MVIWATA
    The Role of Local Markets, the Life of Rural Women
    "We exchange ideas, we exchange seeds"
    Matola, Mozambique

    Interview with Logan Perkins
    of the organization Food For Maine’s Future
    Local Economies and a Just Food System
    Matola, Mozambique

    Interview with Paul Nicholson
    Member of the Basque Country’s EHNE
    Food Sovereignty and a New Way of Internal Democracy
    Matola, Mozambique

    Interview with S. Kannaiyan
    of India’s Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam
    Democratic Decentralization of the Means of Production
    Matola, Mozambique

    Grassroots Organizing in Tamil Nadu
    by AREDS
    Renganathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India


7. Email/Opinions & Discussion

    “A Nation of Cowards:”
    Education and the Perpetuation of Racism
    Gilda L. Ochoa
    Pomona, California

    Green Jobs For The Poor: Obama's New Deal Moment
    by Paul Rockwell
    Oakland, California

    Bolivia, el Granero del ALBA:
    Exportando Soya Transgénica a los paises pertenecientes al ALBA?
    por Miguel Angel Núñez
    Merida, Venezuela

    Socialismo, Agroecología y Enmienda
    Miguel Angel Nuñez
    Caracas, Venezuela

    Nineteen Blind Men and a Woman, and the Economy
    by Devinder Sharma
    New Delhi, India

    In India, the question to be asked: "Where Will the Money Come From?"
    by Devinder Sharma
    New Delhi, India

    Global Priority: Feeding Markets, Starving Hungry
    by Devinder Sharma
    New Delhi, India

    Review of "New York and Slavery: Time To Teach the Truth"
    by William Loren Katz
    New York, New York

    On Nuclear Power:
    Reply to Doug Brugge Nuclear Power Article
    by James E. Hopf
    San Jose, California

    On Nuclear Power:
    "The huge downsides associated with both fossil and fissile energy sources"
    by Doug Brugge
    Boston, Massachusetts


8. Photo of the Week
     Now with an archive of  421 photos.


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     One-time licensing of photographs for text books, magazines.



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     21 poems. 37 pages. $10.00
     A publication of Stonefish Productions and Press, Atlanta, GA

     CRUX, A conversation in words and images, South Africa to South USA
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     Edited by Alice Lovelace,  Walter Kefoue Chakela,  , Michael Simanga,  Malkia M'Buzi Moore,  Felton Eaddy

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