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Reach Across the World to Help a Dad in Need

Every year 2.5 million Dads lose their children to diseases that vaccines can prevent.

Most of these fathers live in the developing world.

Like Cristo’s Dad*, who watched his 2 week old son die of pneumonia hours after they arrived at the hospital ship docked on a tributary of the Amazon River in Peru. 

Or Badding*, whose 1 year old daughter Nurul died in a hospital in Indonesia, dehydrated from severe diarrhea and weighing only 10 pounds. 

Or Fernando*, who watched his only child, Nazario, come too close to losing the fight against the #1 vaccine-preventable killer, pneumococcal disease.

Not only do these fathers have to watch their children die or come close to death, but too often they have to find the money to pay for health care – money they do not have.

When Badding couldn’t find the money to pay for the ambulance to take his daughter’s body for burial, they had to take a taxi and pretend she was alive.

When Fernando had to find money to pay for Nazario’s medication, he had to go out and beg family and friends for it.

For a poor father in a developing country coming up with $20 to pay for healthcare can mean the difference between the life and death of your child. 

But for just $20 – the cost of vaccination- these deaths and all of the suffering could have been prevented.

This Father’s Day, tell your Dad you gave $20 to vaccinate a child in a poor country.  Not only are you preventing the death of a child, you are preventing the agony of a father.

Happy Father’s Day.

*You can read the stories of these fathers in the blog section of this site


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