Reevaluate and resentence Reynaldo Guzman for improved behavior under senate bill 6164

Reevaluate and resentence Reynaldo Guzman for improved behavior under senate bill 6164

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Started by Amy Vargas

Recently our legislature in Washington state passed Senate Bill 6164 (Code RCW 36.27.130.) the intent of this bill is to give the prosecutors the discretion to resentence an individual if the persons interest no longer advances the interest of justice. the purpose of sentencing is to advance both public and communities safety through punishment, rehabilitation, and restorative justice.  After a person has served a certain amount of time the prosecuter can reevaluate a sentence by taking a look at the incarcerated individuals past record while being incarcerated including but not limited to an inmates disciplinary record and records of rehabilitation in how an inmate has essentially changed their life around while incarcerated and in a sense the incarcerated individual no longer advances the interest of justice...... its my hope that his story and record of his rehabilitation and achievements over the past 12 years will warm your hearts as much as it has warmed mine and give him another chance at life on the outside.

Reynaldo Orozco-Guzman was born May 28th 1987. His parents were loving parents but had a hard time making ends meet and would end up working long hours leaving Reynaldo undetermined for long amounts of time. At age 6 years old Reynaldo found himself on the streets and not having anything to do. As time passed he was sexually abused by his own family which caused lots of emotions and started to destroy him inside and out that left him feeling alone, lost, hurt, angry not to mention he didnt feel loved by anyone. As he went through school he found food to mask his feelings and became obese, he didnt have any friends or no one to confide in and began to join the wrong crowds in which he started using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and to be accepted by others .

Around the age of 12 his behavior and personality began to change and as time went on he spiraled out of control but was praised by his peers landing in juvenile detention centers . By the age of 14 he became a full on addict and alcoholic attempting to supress his feelings that continued to haunt him and even after getting married and having 3 children he couldnt shake the feeling of emptiness.

When Reynaldo was 22 he was arrested and given 209 months to be served in total confinement on a firearms enhancement charge and firing a weapon by drive by but by the graces of god nobody was hurt. 

Reynaldo had no hope, no drive, no aspirations, goals or motivation for any kind of productive future, but today after spending 12 years of being incarcerated he has a new outlook on life and is ready to become apart of society and thrive on the outside.

This of course did not happen right away however something changed in him after his lawyer had told him he may never come home again not to mention after a year of being behind bars his mother told him it would be his fault if she passed while he was incarcerated and thats when he decided to seek help but he didnt know where to begin the process of rehabilitation. 

Over the years of Reynaldo's incarceration, he completed many programs and achieved the following: Aquiring his GED in 8 weeks, Upholstery, furniture upholstery, certificate for dog walker/ trainer, certificate of completion for porter training, bloodborne pathogen training and class 4 asbestos training, certificate of completion of stepping up certificate, certificate of completion of kairos inside weekend program, certificate of holy baptism, applied mathematics, applied technical communication, advance living skills, partners in parenting, institutions of sanitation, workplace fire safety, driving safety, hand and power tool safety, industrial ergonomics, safety orientation,  financial peace university, getting it right personal growth, biohazard clean-up class, responsible living, family support, intensive transition program, inside out dads, introduction to self repair, 7 habits of highly effective people, 24/7 dad, advanced living skills, getting it right managing my life, getting it right responsible thinking, your life work, from the inside out, general education development certificate.

But it didn't stop there for Reynaldo he also excelled in his work duties and acquired a supervisor position for the food factory assisting meals on wheels with high performance and ethics in his different tasks at hand. 

Reynaldo also is a mentor to others and strides to be a better person then he was the day before. So many people stand in support of him regaining his freedom and feel that he would be a great asset out in the community more so then incarcerated. One of Reynaldos goals is to mentor troubled teens and help guide them in the right direction and to become a barber and own his own salon.

Lets all stand as a community and support this man giving him a second chance at a new life on the outside.

78 have signed. Let’s get to 100!