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Re-conduct XAT, 2018.

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XAT, 2018. 7th January, 2018.

Last Sunday left many aspirants terrified. Not once have I encountered an experience as bad as this. The news mentioned reports of technical glitches, of exams getting cancelled, of re-scheduling. Here, I'm going to mention what the majority of us feel and/or want all of you to note :

1. Incompetent staff : Chaotic atmosphere. Lack of decorum. Noise and inefficiency to its peak. The constant disturbance. 

Q. Is it all right for an examination hall to be like this? Do we not need or deserve mental peace while writing one of the important exams which might shape our futures? It happened with a lot of people, hence proving the fact that the quality of the centers was not at par and wasn't verified beforehand.


2. Technical glitches : Many people have complained of not being able to submit their essays, writing their essays during the last 10 minutes because of system shutdown, not being able to view the options of the questions given, of multiple shutdowns during the 1st part, amongst a plethora of things that have happened across 300+ centers in the country.

Q. Was the software not checked upon? Was it okay for students to be agonized and terrified during the paper, affecting their further performance in the test? Is it acceptable for the staff to not pay heed to our requests? Is it fine to assess all the students while being aware of the fact that not all students had the luxury of attempting/viewing the entire paper? Each mark makes a huge difference here. A glitch would cost many students big.


3. Cheating : I was at first, taken aback upon hearing this. Maybe such cases can't be brought to notice if they happen on a small-scale. However, students have reported cases where people divided the sections amongst themselves, or were roaming about freely due to the lack of presence of an invigilator.

Q. I ask you, does this provide a level playing field for all? Aren't you going to lose out on some amazing and deserving students because of this? Or should I say, the people who lost out despite giving their best. How is this justified? How can the facts be ignored? How can one play with a student's future? How can the attempt of going online for the first time result in grave consequences like these?

(If any of the above seems made up, with due respect, I'd request you to go through the mails you have been sent)

We want justice. And we don't want the kind of justice in the form of low cutoffs and/or scaling. We want you to act, keeping in mind the interest of the majority. After all, isn't that what the DECISION MAKING section is about? Is it as good as in print? Don't actions speak louder than words? Would it hold any significance after this?

Waiting for XLRI to respond and take a just course of action. We believe that a reputed and respectable institute like XLRI wouldn't disappoint us. Thank you.

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