Investigate David Kim

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David Kim is a serial sexual abuser and rapist and has been since 2017 (that we know of). The past couple days, girls from different cities of lower mainland BC have been sharing their experiences/messages of harassment with this man. He would constantly send unwarranted messages to girls on social media, throw obscenities at them, and force himself upon girls non-consensually.

One victim who, was in a relationship with Kim back in 2019, came forward and said that he would often ask for oral sex while he was driving and if she declined, he would physically hurt her and throw degrading comments at her. He showed very little empathy when she shared her story about a previous sexual assault experience that she had, and continued to treat her like an object. After raping her, he would send messages about how he enjoyed raping her. She went as far as reporting it to the RCMP,  but they refused to open an investigation due to lack of evidence.

Another victim, whom she considered Kim as a friend back then, was taken advantaged of during a time she was most vulnerable. Despite her attempts of escaping, she couldn’t. One other time, she was intoxicated and was not able to fully comprehend the events taking place, he penetrated her and only stopped when she gained consciousness and screamed at him to get off.

These are just two victims and a few examples of the vile things he would do to women of our communities. Many other girls have come forward to share the disgusting, unwarranted messages he would send privately, asking them to hook up, send nudes, offering them rides home in return for a sexual favour, and when they would decline, he would threaten them by physically hurting or abandoning them on the street.

His behaviour has been acknowledged by the police, Justice Institute of BC, AND his high school and yet nothing was done to apprehend him. He is currently a student at JIBC, training to be a police officer, and ***currently works as a corrections officer.

We can’t let a man like this get away from the crimes he committed towards these women, especially if he’s the very person that’s supposed to “protect and serve” the community. He started with girls closer to his age, but it could very much escalate to him preying on younger girls. At the very least, the RCMP should open an investigation on him to ensure that these girls have their rights as citizens to see that justice will be brought. Please sign and share this petition.  One of the victims, has created an automated email that you can send to student services at JIBC:


Shoutout to the brave girls who have come forward to share their stories. You are loved, appreciated, and we support you.

*** edit: it’s not confirmed he got a position at the correctional facility