Effective Law and Order to the Citizens of New Brunswick.

Effective Law and Order to the Citizens of New Brunswick.

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Village of McAdam started this petition to RCMP and

The Honourable Carl Urquhart, M.L.A.

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Government of New Brunswick

The purpose of this petition is to request that the Government of New Brunswick and the Department of Public Safety provide more effective law and order to the citizens of New Brunswick.

Dear Minister Urquhart:

As you know, personal security is the primary reason for the creation of government. The most important aspect of personal security that government leadership is elected to provide to citizens is personal safety through the creation of law and order. To do this, the laws created and enforced through government institutions are designed to protect citizens from one another when dealing with crimes against the person and personal property. Experience from nations around the world demonstrates that this aspect of personal security is so important to citizens that when government-provided law and order fails to protect them, they turn to other political organizations or leaders within the community to fill their personal security void.

In many small communities in New Brunswick, including McAdam, the level of personal security expected to be delivered under the law and order mandate of the federal and provincial levels of government is increasingly being seen by citizens as ineffective. Evidence of this situation is the recent announcement by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety that—at the request of 17 New Brunswick municipalities—it will review policing services in New Brunswick with the purpose of determining how policing can better serve New Brunswick communities.

Unfortunately, the complex issues faced by policing and law enforcement agencies tasked with providing personal security go beyond reallocating existing resources or purchasing additional policing resources. The Canadian legal system itself is now viewed by many citizens as providing greater legal protection and rights to the criminal than to the law‑abiding citizen. Faith in the Canadian legal system is eroding due to the decreasing ability of law enforcement to prosecute criminals based on factors such as complex requirements and timelines for the acquisition and prosecution of warrants; legal decisions that restrict reasonable law enforcement; and court decisions that provide short or negligible periods of incarceration. In small New Brunswick communities where everyone knows one another, many citizens fail to understand how the current system of law and order protects them while the known criminals seem to be able to do as they please and thumb their nose at their fellow citizens and the law.

The current legal system under which the Province of New Brunswick operates appears to have resulted in a situation where it conflicts with the thoughts and beliefs of the majority of New Brunswickers, including the citizens of McAdam.

We respectfully request that the Government of New Brunswick and the Department of Public Safety conduct a review of personal security in New Brunswick with the goal of identifying the personal security concerns of New Brunswickers and determining potential solutions to address those concerns.

I appreciate having the opportunity to convey our views on these important matters.

Please accept my best wishes.


His Worship Ken Stannix

Mayor of the Village of McAdam

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!