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Drop the Charges Against Jerry Martin & Cannabis Dispensary Martin Medical Services

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What are your thoughts on Martin Medical Services MMS Corp and myself being a part of your community the last 4 years (myself 10 years)? Have we hurt or benefited the community and those living in and around it? Has it brought business to your business or hurt your business? Has it helped a loved one in pain or dying or made them more sick?

How do you feel about the mayor never coming to into this business to see what "was really going on" to "protect" his people's if he truly cared about you, or what I was really doing or selling?

What has he done for you as individuals? What have I done?

How do you feel about him not standing up for a business in your town that is helping it financially while reducing the number of "street dealing/dealers" getting the money and filtering it into other drugs, guns or crime instead of back into your community in the form of swimming pool repairs, golf courses, library books, town square donations, a huge rodeo beer gardens, hospital donations for beds, kids camp every year totally paid for kids that couldn't otherwise go, we all know the donation list goes on because we donate money and or medicine to someone every single day, without fail.

Will he stand up for your business, beliefs or rights? Or will he punish you for them?

I am here to benefit your health and the health of your dying or ill loved ones through their tough times either through personal choice and or by their physicians recommendation and most importantly too benefit this community financially and as an upstanding, giving, caring citizen and roll model...

PLEASE, do not hide in the shadows anymore...we need your support more then ever to win this war on Whitewood's cannabis friendly residents and the surrounding residents that count us with their lives.

Legalization is coming whether you like or not...NOW is YOUR chance to grab hold of the benefits dispensaries can and should bring into small and large communities. Do you really think Big Pharma or Government will profit share with you, or your community? And if so, how bloody hard will it be to get that funding...

Let's ban together Canada and join myself and the one small town in Canada that had the gull enough to stand up and beat the Government of Canada in court, so that much needed Cannabis Dispensaries are available to patients and recreational users in all small towns, cities, villages and remote lands throughout Canada together as a NEW, FAIR and FREE TRADE commodity in Canada should be! Equal opportunity for all Canadians!...not just the super rich connected ones.

Heres your chance to speak out and make a change by signing this petition.

Dispensaries really do make our communities a better place to live..let's keep it that way....

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