Say no to the huge price increase of residential permits in Kingston (KingMap0023)

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The community motion against the increased prices for residents parking has been accepted unanimously by the council in the well attended council meeting on 24 April! A great result and a big THANK YOU to all of you!

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Kingston council wants driving behaviours to change and to improve air quality in the borough by discouraging unnecessary car journeys, and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport. I think nobody would object to that.

However, Kingston council wants to achieve this by quadrupling prices of residential parking permits. Prices can go up from £90 a year to £400 depending on what kind of car you have. Reasonable or just plain shocking? Please sign if you think the latter.

Imagine shops or pubs quadrupling their prices and we pay up to £20 for a pint. It would call for a country wide revolution. 

But there is so much more wrong with the council's latest proposal other than just the outrageous price increase.

First of all this plan is pure discrimination as it is singling out a small group of residents that are dependent on parking permits. People who have no choice to park anywhere else.

What about residents that don't live in a CPZ or that have off-street parking available like a drive way or space in their front garden or a garage? Do they all drive zero emission cars? I don't think so. So why wouldn't they have to pay extra? Surely their cars aren't that much different from people that depend on residential parking permits. 

And if we think about air quality what about all the busses, lorries, delivery vans etc. that drive through Kingston all the time and are actually polluting our town together with all commuters and shoppers that visit Kingston by car on a daily base? None of them get charged extra for that. For instance London's Ultra Low Emission Zone isn't planned to extend all the way to Kingston. Also none of the pay-and-display parking prices get quadrupled and if they would surely that would mean an uproar from Kingston's local businesses.

So where is the fairness in all of this? Why singling out a certain group of people? And moreover how does increasing the price of residential parking help driving behaviour? If anything one should charge for car usage not for cars being parked for longer periods of times. Probably a lot of people having a residential parking permit don't even use their car locally as people can just walk to the town centre or to their children's schools. So why only charging them extra? And quadrupling prices that is just madness or plain thievery.

For more information about Kingston council's plans and about how to object to them please click here to download a PDF file. Please note that you have until 11 April 2019 to object.

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