Save Seething Wells Filter Beds

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The historic filter beds at Seething Wells are at a crossroads. They were built 170 years ago to provide clean water as London responded to a health emergency that killed thousands – cholera. The site is unique: a designated site of nature conservation, with many historic features. But it is being destroyed by the current owners who have been very poor guardians of its heritage and ecology. Unless action is taken now it will fall into a state where it is no longer viable as a nature reserve or a reminder of Victorian Londoners’ ingenuity in fighting worldwide disease.

The Seething Wells Action Group is a collective of local people in and around the filter beds who have had enough of Kingston Council’s inaction in protecting this vital place. We are calling on the Council, elected politicians including MPs and the Mayor of London to do what is needed to stop its destruction by seeking to declare it a Local Nature Reserve and/or Scheduled Monument and use the powers that brings to restore the filter beds and protect its heritage from now on.

Specifically we call on Kingston Council to:

1. Issue an Article 4 direction on the filter beds site to prevent further permitted development
2. Use its powers under section 39 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to come to a management agreement with the site’s owners.
3. To arrange access for independent ecological, biodiversity and heritage experts to provide an up-to-date report on the state of the site.

We call on the GLA and Mayor of London to:

4. Commit to continue to designate the site as Metropolitan Open Land.

We call on MPs and the Government:

5. To support community calls for the the site to be classified as a Local Nature Reserve and/or Scheduled Monument.