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Medical Treatment for Cancer Patients in Prison

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Prisoners are often set apart from society due to the fact that they are criminals. Therefore, they do not get the proper medical treatment or priority that they should when it comes to medical needs. I want to start this petition to voice my concerns and thoughts on the treatment that cancer patients in prison receive. I believe that prisoners should not set apart from society and be treated as a normal human being. Inmates have the right to health care under the 8th amendment against the cruel and unusual punishment. That being said prisoners do not have the medication or resources accessible to them with in a timely manner. 

Unfortunately, my brother was incarcerated at a young age of 16. This was catastrophic to our family, as well as himself as he is remorseful every day. He has always been a hard worker and persevered in any challenge. He is loved by many for his humbleness along with his leadership skills as he was selected to be the captain of his soccer team at his facility. He has received his G.E.D., he has taken classes towards an associate’s degree in business and he has a gift for writing to which he has inspired many inmates with his poetry. He provides advise and emotion support to over 20 nieces and nephews who look up to him and respect his positive outlook he has everyday going forward. Each in which are all concerned with the lack of treatment he is receiving.

This lack of treatment affects my family and society directly because my brother Rafael Servin (CDC # v99986) is currently serving his sentence at the Centinela State Prison in California and he was diagnosed with cancer May 2017. In February of 2017 he requested medical attention to which was denied. He requested medical attention 6 times of those 6 times he was only seen 3 times. As a result of negligence from a prior facility his cancer has now spread and the cancer has turned into stage 4 melanoma terminal cancer with 6 months to 2 years to live. There have been occasions where he has vomited blood and was not able to seek medical attention until the next scheduled doctor’s appointment and the staff had no regard for his condition. Also during the time that he had a stay at the hospital his belongings that he left in his personal space that he has to himself were nowhere to be found when he returned.  There have also been similar cases with the same diagnosis where unfortunately the patient has passed away. As a family, we do not want that to happen to him and we would appreciate if we were supported in voicing our concerns for all Cancer Patients in Prison now and in the future. I thank you all in advance for your support.

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