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Support NJ's Bill S63 to Ban Puppies and Kittens in Pet Stores!

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A bill (S63 linked below) has been submitted by Senator Raymond Lesniak that would ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores unless they come from a rescue. Ask any animal person--a veterinarian, trainer, groomer, rescuer or truly ethical breeder, and they will tell you that pet store puppies and kittens are bad news.

Stores will claim or even guarantee they have “healthy” animals from “good breeders”. But these stores sell poorly bred and special needs animals for extravagant prices. I have heard many pet store employees tell blatant lies about their animals’ health, genetics, breed, origin and more. Though stores claim to love animals, their motivation is to make money--at the expense of the animals and their customers. The fact is that good breeders to not sell their animals to stores. Over 99% of pet store puppies and kittens come from mills.

“Mills” are horrible places where animals are bred for nothing but money. At best the breeding animals live in cages indoors with no exercise and little to no human contact. At worst they live in tiny cages or pens outside living in their own excrement, at the mercy of the elements with little food and water. Those who don’t die from the cruelty suffer with a painful lack of grooming and serious medical conditions for which they receive no treatment. The breeding stock for pet store animals are physically, psychologically, and genetically destroyed.

Due to the conditions they were bred, born and sold in, many of these pet stores animals have lifelong health and behavior problems that make staying in homes difficult or impossible. While in the store and brought home many puppies suffer from parasites like giardia and coronavirus, respiratory problems such as CIRDC, and deadly illnesses like parvovirus. Since they are bred from genetically inferior stock these animals also suffer from debilitating health problems such as hip dysplasia, heart murmurs, kidney problems, and more that can cause lifelong struggles and premature death.

Please contact Senator Lesniak and the NJ Senate to tell them the people of New Jersey support this bill. We want to make it so that people who want a new puppy or kitten must go to a rescue or ethical breeder that cares about their animals. Join us in saying no to pet store puppies and kittens, and no to animal cruelty!

Bill S63:

Senator Raymond J. Lesniak
530 Irvington Ave.
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

Phone: 908-409-8421



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