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Rayfish Shoes: Don't Kill Stingrays For Shoes!

I love shoes. I mean who doesn't? However, I like the compassionate type of shoe... You know the one that doesn't involve dead animals.

Rayfish Shoes is claiming to raise genetically engineered Stingrays and then killing them for their skin for so called fashion. They are using DNA from other species to change the skin pattern and tones of the Stingrays. The company says that they are raising the rays humanely. However, there is nothing humane about genetically altering a living creature and killing them for their skin to put on shoes. Also, the living conditions for these creatures are more than likely the same as animals on fur farms. Cramped, dirty, and barely any room to move around.


Is this real or some weird gimmick? People do make leather from stingrays, so I'm not 100% sure, but if it's true we need to stop this.

Stingrays can suffer and feel pain when kept in captivity and slaughtered for tacky luxury shoes. Please sign if you agree that this company, Rayfish sales, should find an ethical, creative, cruelty-free way to make shoes!

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Rayfish Sales
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To Whom it May Concern,

I just signed the following petition addressed to: Rayfish about the use of genetically engineered stingrays.

We believe that genetically designing live Stingrays simply for their leather contains a high amount of perspicuity within your intentions, these intentions seem to be to make a profit. All signers of this petition are urging you to change the basis of RayFish Footwear, please do not kill Stingrays. Please consider switching to synthetic forms of footwear. Synthetic materials are cheaper to make and do not take a life of a living creature.Making a profit from the lives of innocent beings is inhumane.

We understand that you raise these stingrays for the soul purpose to harvest them for leather. Stingrays are not on this earth for us to use for fashion. They deserve to live in the wild and to be free.



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