Tell the Iowa County Board of Supervisors to help keep CAFOs out of Iowa County

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The number of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in Iowa County is dramatically rising. More specifically, Washington County factory hog farming is currently moving north into our county. The majority of confinement unit owners and operators are NOT your neighbors--they are investors who are "cashing in" via factory farms. Some operators, many living in other townships and even other counties, are purchasing 1-2 acre parcels to conveniently put confinement units next to YOUR home. The current lack of permit and approval processes for these CAFOs leaves all Iowa County residents unprotected and vulnerable to the decisions of a few. Sign the petition and request that the Board of Supervisors acknowledge residents' concerns about the proliferation of CAFOs in Iowa County by acting on or enacting the following:

1. Neighbor notification resolution: require hog building owner and hog building operator to individually notify all neighbors (both farm and non-farm) and institutions (churches, private schools, on-farm businesses) if intent to build units within three square miles of their properties. Notice should be giving during initial planning stages for the building weeks PRIOR to erecting any units. 

2. Public hearing resolution: for each proposed facility, require a public notice and hearing whereby affected and interested parties can express specific concerns about CAFOs locating in or near their neighborhood or town. 

3. Zoning-related ordinance: require that sales and purchase of small land parcels intended for CAFO purposes meet specific size requirements (i.e., no less than 30 acres)

4. Adherence to DNR Master Matrix: Tell the Board of Supervisors to adopt a construction evaluation resolution and use the DNR master matrix to evaluate construction permit applications and proposed locations for animal confinements. 


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