Change the name of Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers

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"A hundred years ago, in the Texas counties along the U.S.–Mexico border, a decade-long flurry of extralegal killings perpetrated by Texas Rangers, local law enforcement, and civilian vigilantes took the lives of thousands of residents of the United States who were of Mexican descent, and pushed many more across the border into Mexico. This record of death and intimidation, which irrevocably shaped life in those border counties, has not been commonly taught in the state’s mainstream school curricula or otherwise recognized in official state histories. Mexican-American communities, however, have preserved the memory of the violence in family archives, songs, and stories. “To many Mexicans, contemporary violence between Anglos and Mexicans can never be divorced from the bloody history of the Borderlands,” write William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb in their history of lynchings of Mexican-Americans. “They remember, even if the rest of the country does not.”
- By REBECCA ONION from "America’s Lost History of Border Violence" in

A convenient revision of the history of this notorious law enforcement agency has taken place over decades in the form of TV, Movies, Dime store and other novels and more than likely the biggest is the MLB team that bears its name.

It is no surprise that this naming was meant as a continual PR push for an agency long steeped in illegal and legal intimidation tactics. They pushed out Native Americans from their land. They attempted to stem the tide of immigration from Mexico as well as striped away lands and rights from Mexican-Americans. Fought to keep the NAACP out of Texas and deemed them as terrorist organization. These are to simply name a few. 

It is important to look at this history and then look at ourselves and where we belong in it. Be it Native-American, Mexican-American, African-American and even Anglo-Americans, we must have a voice to step forward and denounce the name that OUR team still honors and see its shameful history and ask to not be a part of it.