Stop Caste based 'Application Forms' Fee Structure

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There was a time when India and its charismatic leaders fought off the Brahmin supremacy to give added rights and 'Reservation' to the SC/ST facet. Now after 70 years of Independence, Reservation still hasn't fulfilled is main goal of upliftment. Rather it has gone astray to a path of deprivation of the economically challenged general group as well as the aforementioned SC/ST facet from getting equal opportunities under the facade of Reservation and parity.

I have started this petition to demand equal rights and opportunities for the equally challenged poor facet in all groups of the society(belonging to every religion) to reduce the burden of the Application fee of every examination conducted by the organizations under the Government of India. There is a gargantuan disparity in the fee structure for the students of general category when compared to the SC/ST category students. The fee for NEET 2017 is Rs 1400 for Gen/OBC while Rs 750 for SC/ST. The fee for JEE prelims + main is Rs 1800 and 900 for the Gen/OBC and the SC/ST category respectively. The exam fee for CAT is Rs 1700 and 850 for GEN/OBC and SC/ST category respectively. The exam fee for IBPS is Rs 400 and 50 for Gen/OBC and SC/ST respectively. There are various other examinations conducted by UPSC, Nationalized Banks and different state government authorities(the list is unending), which put the maximum burden on the general category throughout India, even if the student from the general category is a hardworking person in privation.

I am asking everyone to do away with such caste based reservation system policy where only the deprived class of one religion enjoys the status quo. There are economically challenged people from every religion so rather than providing relaxation to only the SC/ST facet a new law must be made which benefits all, when it comes to deciding the fee structure of a particular exam. I want the fee structure to be based on the economic status of an individual, rather than pooling all general class and all SC/ST students in different facets, thereby incoherently deciding that if it is a general category student he must be able to pay the exam fee and if it is a SC/ST student he must be poor. Such practices are a curse in modern day India. If we are able to bring in as many people to support this petition, I am sure the government will help us to do away with such a malpractice which plagues and hinders the development of the economically challenged groups of our country 

I urge you all to support me in this petition and help me deliver this message to Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad who handles the ministry of Law and Justice. Together we can bring about the change which can help not only you but many people who face this problem.