Bring Strict Law for Data Security, Build #DataSafe India

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Democracy at Risk, Save Data, Save Democracy

There is a huge population of India that has gone digital. With the launch of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India campaign the count of people using digital mediums for socialising, education, business, and entertainment is expected to touch new heights. With that much of digital exposure also comes an equally serious threat of data breach vulnerability and its misuse. 

In view of the same threat which has the potential of usurping the state of law & order or influence the electoral process, unsafe data poses the risk of putting the democratic system of India at risk. We obviously can't take chances with such a risk standing unchecked. Hence the demand for a strict law for data safety and security. Together, let's build a #DataSafe India

Just a few points to be included in the New Law:

1. Promote storage of all the data of Indians in India only. More we stick to servers based in India, safer we will be.

2. Introduce strict penalties and punishment for data breach.

3. Bring all national or international apps and platforms under the same Indian law.

4. Special provisions for financial data security. While we move towards Digital Economy, the laws should be strict and ahead of the time.

5. There should be special centralised investigative agency well-equipped to deal with data-breach issues and cybercrime specifically.

6. Provision of special courts that could understand the subject and give early and fair judgment.

7. Use or misuse of data (directly or indirectly) to play with the electoral system of the country should be considered as a serious crime against the state and amount to severe punishment.

Please give Indians the freedom to live and enjoy the digital way of life but at the same time also provide with the safety and security around data sharing and use.

"India needs regulatory reforms to protect people against fraud and misuse of data by unscrupulous elements. Recent breaches heighten fears. Concerns warrant regulatory reforms that protect against fraud and misuse, especially for those with low digital literacy" - Yuri Afanasiev, United Nations’ Resident Coordinator in India