NBC: We Want Season 3 on Timeless

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WE, your audience, the people who watch your ads (even as they grow ever more numerous - show run time 42 min?); who spend money on those ads; who make time for Appointment TV to make sure WE ensure the future of our Show, or who DVR within 24-72 hrs; who Tweet endlessly; who Instagram at a furious rate; who join groups on Facebook; who Blog or Vlog; who use Tumblr; who post anywhere and everywhere on the Internet; who use family and friends to join OUR cause; WE talk about how undervalued you, NBC, find a show that WE feel carries greatness within the casting, the writers, the costumers, the historians, etc....

WE are growing ever more anxious about your “TBD” status on Renewing our beloved show.

WE’VE changed the way WE’VE watched TV to get the numbers up. WE’VE trended #Timeless on Twitter every week durging showing & other times. WE have other celebrities who love this show and are as ardent about its continuation as WE are. WE’VE done everything NBC would or could want or need to ensure WE see history unfold each week. And, hey - for those of us who purchased (= $ in your pocket) the show on iTunes, our numbers definitely should count too: WE paid up front. WE tend to binge watch, creating greater loyalty.

Yet you, NBC, leave US in limbo. Hanging, fingernails to the nubbins, anxiety rising - just waiting for the news WE feel WE helped this show deserve it should get. 

WE believe, in fervor and with heartfelt sincerity, that “the little show that CAN” deserves a 3rd Season. And if WE’RE being honest, WE’D like more than 10 episodes for a show that has such high production values and that teachers actually use to connect with their students on historical events, and inspires others to do more of their own research.

So WE ask, politely - for now - why you, NBC, would pick up a show like “Brooklyn 99”, yet make US wait on the fate of Quality Television.

WE, your audience, should dictate what shows NBC airs, not some algorithm. And WE the audience demand, ask, or beg - whatever will make it happen - that YOU #RenewTimeless for #S3Timeless. 

WE will make our voices and opinions heard - with our viewership, and your advertising dollars.

We’ll be heard everywhere WE can and farther because of the buzz WE ARE CREATING by word-of-mouth and across the internet.

WE will either do this with much gratitude, or with loud outcry, for WE, the audience, are legion.

Renew Timeless for Season 3. Give the show more than 10 episodes. Let USYOUR viewers, show you, NBC, the true value of a dedicated audience.

Thank you,

The Fans.

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