Save the NorthTec Arts Programme

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New Zealand's northernmost Arts Qualification Programme is under increasing risk of permanent closure.

New Zealand is known for its music such as Lorde, it’s film industry such as Weta workshops and its incredibly diverse and creative people who put New Zealand on the map. Our creative industry is the driving force of our country, now it’s under threat.

NorthTec has threatened the closure of the entire arts programme in Raumanga NorthTec, affecting students and international students by taking away their tertiary education and leaving many tutors without a job. This would force students and tutors to go somewhere else. Since our campus is the only institution that offers certificates, diplomas and degrees in arts for the entirety of the Northland region past Auckland, it affects hundreds of generations of families, now forcing loved ones to travel 160km minimum, to continue their education. 

Without even giving us a reason why. Leaving us in speculation.

As it stands, current students or ones enrolled will now be unable to study Photography, Sculpture, Digital Arts, Film, Graphic Design, Print Making, Painting, Web Design, Game Design and Illustration. Whether you’re in the first year of study or the third they don’t care who it affects. 

There is also an 'Art Academy' programme that brings in Year 13 High School students around Northland to NorthTec on Fridays to get a head start in tertiary art education. This gets binned as well. 

I myself study at NorthTec as a digital arts student. I intended to do my Bachelors but now things look grim.

I’m a year 2 Digital Arts Student with interests in many fields such as Photography, Game Design and Illustration. Next year I was intending to study the Bachelor of Visual Arts programme. I was incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to study Visual Arts at NorthTec as I need to stay home for my family who need me to help with my little brother and sister. With NorthTec being the only place I could get the degree for all my passions, without leaving home it was truly a blessing. Upon hearing the proposal, it would mean I would have to abandon my family and go study somewhere else, the closest place being Auckland which is 160kms away. As well as finding a place to rent and losing my current part time job. There’s no other solution to this. My family and I cannot have this happen.

That’s why the NorthTec Arts is asking for help.

You can start by signing the petition and following the Facebook page: with the hashtag: #S.N.A.P (Save NorthTec Arts Programme) We'll also be gathering the numerous success stories of past and current student statements to stop this from happening. Also looking at the work we do as well: NorthTec Arts

With 99% of NorthTec Students deeming their time at NorthTec as good or excellent why should that change now? 

Why is it that the students must promote the Arts programme themselves even though we have one of the highest success turnouts in New Zealand? When it is in fact NorthTec's marketing that have failed to even tell High School Students about the Bachelor programmes. Why cut funding from the Arts when that won’t even solve the problem? NorthTec needs to do a better job at marketing who we are and not just focus on money making. The Tutors produce excellent and successful individuals, NorthTec is now undermining them. 

We also encourage current and past students to email: 

Any Iwi/Hapu affiliations:
What you've learnt through the Arts programme - particularly skills:
What you have been doing since leaving NorthTec:
Any of your success stories:
Some of your work: 

 I cannot allow this to happen, NorthTec cannot allow this to happen, Whangarei cannot allow this to happen, New Zealand cannot allow this to happen and You cannot allow this happen.

Together we can do this!


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