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Ratify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Dear President Obama and Congresspeople,

The USA has long been a model and example that has inspired the rest of the world on human rights and freedom.
It is high time that we ratify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights AND implement them across the board.

What is the problem our legislators have with reality?
Why do they punish good people and deny them BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS?
Why can we not ratify what most of the rest of the world has RATIFIED, the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS,
of which you can find a beautiful edition of HERE:

This would be one of the biggest steps we could take to redeem our reputation after atrocities like the Patriot Act, illegal and indefinite detention of POWs who are NOT terrorists, torture of same, imperialist invasions, Big Finance Bailouts while millions loose their homes and jobs, Denial of Health Care, abandonment of Katrina victims and other abuses of the recent and not so recent past.

The well being and security of our country and the world require that the USA get on board without any further delay.

Therefore we the undersigned urge our President and Congress to get to work on this and Ratify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights immediately if not sooner and govern by these principles a.s.a.p because it is the right thing to do, the humane thing to do.


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SPECIAL THANKS to Leigh Graham for reminding me of this with her post.


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