TCS should close NCR Region offices due to Corona Outbreak

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CORONA VIRUS is hitting the entire world and Over the past few weeks it has been spreading uncontrollably. The number of positive coronavirus cases in the country climbed to 107.

TCS should close its New Delhi offices due to the severity of the corona virus. They are putting their employees at risk for being exposed to the virus or contracting the illness and they are not taking the proper measures to protect them from illness. They can route calls to another region or give employees the option to work from home like other major employers. Our health and safety is in serious jeopardy by remaining in a densely populated building with people coming from various locations. The health of their employees should be of an utmost priority. Other companies are going above and beyond to ensure their employees are safe by implementing a work from home option or closing entirely and TCS should do the same. This irresponsibility could result in grave consequences for employees that devote hard work and time to TCS everyday.