@RashidaTlaib: Threaten Trump with Impeachment If Doesn't End Yemen War After House Vote

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On April 4, 2019, the House passed S.J.Res. 7 to end unconstitutional US military participation in the Saudi regime’s war on Yemen by a vote of 247-175. All House Democrats and sixteen House Republicans voted yes. On March 13, 2019, the Senate passed S.J.Res. 7 54 – 46. All Senate Democrats and seven Senate Republicans voted yes. S.J.Res. 7 was sponsored by Bernie Sanders [I-VT], Mike Lee [R-UT], and Chris Murphy [D-CT].

President Trump has threatened to veto the bill and to continue the war, but has not yet vetoed the bill.
The case that U.S. participation in the Saudi regime's war in Yemen is unconstitutional is now established to an unprecedented degree: by a vote of both Houses of Congress on a bill sent to the President.
When the President commits an unconstitutional act, that is an impeachable offense.
If Members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib now threaten Trump with impeachment for continuing the war, that will help deter Trump from vetoing the Yemen War Powers bill and continuing the war.
Rep. Tlaib is a natural leader for making this threat because she has already threatened to impeach Trump and because she is an original co-sponsor of the House bill and has been very vocal on it.
Urge Rep. Tlaib to lead the fight to threaten Trump with impeachment for continuing the war by signing our petition.