Rape - Prevention is infinitely better than Conviction

Rape - Prevention is infinitely better than Conviction

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GuardOn started this petition to All the citizens of this world...

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  

Hundreds of thousands of good people have signed dozens of online petitions calling for the toughest punishments for rapists.  

Yes, convicted rapists should be punished as severely as our culture and law permits.  However, that is not enough.

We should do all that we can to prevent such heinous acts from being committed in the first place.  

Calling on all good men and women, who believe that our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends should never be subject to rape or molestation, to join hands with us to end this scourge.  

Let's back up our words with actions.   Let’s work together to protect our women, children and the elderly, and let's not just depend upon the government to protect us.  

Become Guardian Angels with GuardOn.  Get notified of distress situations in your neighborhood.   In such distress situations, collaborate with other Guardian Angels and your friends, to respond in large numbers and in great strength. 

When you do so, you can rescue the victim, chase away the criminal perpetrator, and prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.  You can make a very big difference in somebody else's life by saving them from harm.  


Check out these Heroes... Let's be inspired by them to become Guardian Angels with GuardOn

    Two Teen Heroes save a woman from rape


    Banagalore auto-driver saves a woman from Nirbhaya like horror


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FREEDOM... NOT FEARDOM!   We started GuardOn because we believe, women (like men) should be able to live life fully pursuing whatever makes them happy, without any fear of persecution.

Every woman should be able to go wherever she wants, do whatever she wishes, wear whatever she fancies, love whomever she likes, and live however she chooses without any fear of being discriminated, harassed, assaulted, molested, kidnapped or persecuted.

Without even an iota of fear of any sort, women should be totally free to live alone or live with others, go out in the day or go out in the night, jog on the streets or hike in the woods, bike in a park or drive out of town, swim in a pond or surf on the beach, smile at a stranger or hug a friend, and yes, women should definitely be free to do any work at any place at any time without any threat of discrimination or harassment.


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