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Petitioning Representative John Boehner

"Rape Audits?" Tell Speaker Boehner to Stop the War on Women!

First they tried to redefine rape. Then they wanted to allow hospitals to refuse a woman abortion care even if her life depends on it. Now, they're trying to make sexual assault survivors recount their trauma to IRS agents. 

It's all part of H.R. 3, an  extreme anti-choice omnibus bill that's so bad, we're calling it "Stupak on Steroids." According to Mother Jones, which broke news of this latest front in Speaker Boehner’s War on Women, H.R.3 could turn “IRS agents into abortion cops.”  Speaker Boehner, who claims he wants to limit government intrusion in our lives, has called this outrageous bill “a top priority.”

It's time to tell Speaker Boehner we've had enough. On or near tax day, a progressive coalition will be delivering signatures to the Speaker telling him Americans have had enough of the attacks on reproductive rights.  Sign your name to join the chorus of Americans saying "stop the rape audits, stop the War on Women!" 

Letter to
Representative John Boehner
I am writing to ask you to stop H.R. 3, a dangerous piece of legislation that is tantamount to an all out war on women.

First, H.R. 3 was worded to change the definition of rape to make it harder for sexual assault victims to access services. Then it was changed to include a provision that allows hospitals to deny a woman abortion care even if doing so risks her life. Now the bill will force rape survivors to recount their trauma to Internal Revenue Service agents. This bill helps no one but will hurt millions of American women.

Speaker Boehner, please stop the rape audits. Please stop the war on women. Please stop H.R. 3.

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