Randwick Council to consider opening the beaches for Exercise & Mental Health reasons.

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Randwick Council to consider a ‘Swim and Go’ Policy at Coogee, Maroubra & Clovelly Beach.  

This would alleviate the gathering of people previously seen on the beaches and it should be easily enforceable . 
All RC Aquatic pools are closed . 
Beaches in other areas of Sydney are open .

Drop towel - Swim- Pick up towel and Go!

Whilst exercise is allowable in the form of walking / running / 2 up PT training -swimming is not allowed at the RC beaches. 

For many - especially the elderly - swimming is the only form of exercise they can do . It also delivers outstanding mental health benefits which is crucial for all at this time . 

If RC believes re - opening the beach full time  is not possible other options could be;

Limited  hours / No weekends/ One beach .


Council would still have the power to close the beach on any given day if they deem necessary.  

For safety reasons two swimmers allowed in a group .