Demand the Resignation of Council President James Burgess

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We the People join with the residents of Randolph and former Councilor Paul Meoni in categorically demanding the resignation of Council President James Burgess. We agree with Mr. Meoni that Mr. Burgess is unfit for such an important office of President or even Councilor.

After Jim Burgess was arrested for DRUG POSSESSION and CONSPIRING against drug laws, he apologized and the community forgave him. Jim Burgess’ behavior however has only worsened.

Most recently, at the June 29th Town Council Meeting on Zoom, the people of Randolph attended and passionately expressed their opposition to the further reduction of Community Programs by another $300,000. The Community Programs budget had already been cut by 42%. The residents believe that it was unfair to defund and deprive out children of this much needed service. The $300,000 was to increase the police budget even though it was not requested by the town manager or the police. Mr. Burgess publicly berated and belittled community residents for not attending meetings and for not being good citizens; ultimately shutting down community speaks, silencing the residents.(1:14:30 of the linked video above).

During the same meeting, Mr. Burgess insisted on having his way and acted like a dictator. This was in reaction to the budget vote not going in his favor; Mr. Burgess abruptly got up, called the end of the meeting without a motion or second to the motion, and walked out. This was a clear violation of decorum and the rules​.(2:30:00 to 2:58:30 in the linked video above).

When inaugurated in January 2020, President Councilor Burgess said, “The voices in our community are many and all shall have a seat at this table. The moments of allowing divisiveness to govern the discussion are behind us...The goal with everything we do is better communication—communication between councilors with the public...” 

Contrary to his promise, Burgess has been front and center of every single one of those “moments” of divisiveness. 

  • He threatens to sue constituents who disagree with his positions. 
  • He calls the Town Manager an “ass” during public town meetings.
  • He abuses his position by restricting councilors from speaking. 
  • He makes a point of disrespecting women councilors and councilors of color

Randolph needs and deserves leadership that embraces “the people” not puts them down. Leadership that is sincere and has the temperament to hear “the people”. It’s time for us to take a stand for our community. SIGN THE PETITION TO DEMAND THAT JAMES BURGESS RESIGN.