Ask AT&T to fix its LTE cellular coverage in Kissimmee, FL which has deteriorated

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AT&T, we in Kissimmee, FL -- home to Disney World -- love you as much as a cellular phone customer can, but your LTE cellular service really stinks here in our hometown.  It has deteriorated these past 3 years.  In key places like "The Loop" a local outdoor shopping mall, the 192 corridor near Valencia College on the path to Disney World, and the various neighborhoods and timeshare communities along our toll roads FL417 and Osceola Parkway, we routinely experience dropped calls, slow internet service sub 500 kbps upload/download and "1 bar of service" which isn't really a "1 bar" (more like no bars).  Community members have submitted multiple "Mark your Spot" notices in your AT&T mobile app to report this, but there has been no significant improvement to our lot.  Some of us went to an AT&T retail store near The Loop and where told by your employees that customers complain all the time, but your company won't listen to us until 300+ customers have complained.  We are assembling that list of 300 customers in this petition.

Kissimmee, FL is an important economic center in central Florida.  Tourists from around the globe travel here daily while visiting our world-class attractions like Disney World.  Those tourists stream plenty of data with their photos, videos, GPS, games, and other digital stuff.  Kissimmee, FL is also becoming a new home to thousands of Puerto Rican residents each month who are coming to Florida to have a better life with electricity.  And who can forget our neighboring communities too -- "Medical City" in Lake Nona is bringing world-class healthcare and medical tourism to our area, and the Orlando / I-Drive corridor basically "pays for" the town -- these areas also have awful AT&T service. 

Those of us who reside here temporarily often have no other means of connecting to phone and Internet except through our AT&T phones.  Those living here permanently need good cellular service to build the mobile apps our guests and neighbors use to order food, book ride attractions, summon Ubers, and run the electronics in our lives.  

Perhaps it's easy to forget about Kissimmee, FL when planning cellular infrastructure -- after all, most of the users of it probably come from somewhere else, right?  Yet, those users are your customers in other parts of the US and Mexico and they expect, as we locals do, to have good cellular service wherever they roam.  Yes, we know 5G LTE is on it's way, but we need you to show us you can make 4G LTE work too so that we can have the confidence to invest in your other products -- DirectTV -- and support your efforts politically to acquire entertainment properties like TimeWarner.  So please show Kissimmee, FL some love and do what you must to improve our cellular service.  We're rooting for you.

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